Inside the June 2009 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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SEWER: Bringing it Back Home
Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District decided to stop using outside contractors and inspect and clean sewer lines itself. It’s been a highly successful move.
Personnel at Johnson County (Kan.) Environmental and Wastewater departments devise a sampling arm that enables accurate waste strength measure
How Will You Use the Stimulus?
Making use of federal dollars means more than spending the money wisely. It means telling the public clearly about the value received for the work done.
SEWER: Doing it With Data
The City of Fullerton, Calif., turns information into gold with a GIS that supports efficient sewer cleaning, effective scheduling, and wise capital investment
Thinking Long-Term
Purchase price is only one issue when considering the value of an investment in CCTV equipment for sewer pipe inspection
Meeting Goals and Realizing the Vision
When our vision becomes a reality, we experience that feeling of success, knowing we can reach our goals.
STORM: An All-In-One Approach
Cross-trained inspectors from three agencies simplify the task of inspecting stormwater discharges from a Superfund site area in Seattle
Another Twist on the Stimulus
Funding for “shovel-ready” projects under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act can include equipment for long-term infrastructure operation and maintenance
Finding It All
The Innspector 07 locator from SubSurface Instruments is a handheld device that can be used to pinpoint utilities and other buried objects of almost any material
Silent Communication
Today’s savvy leaders know that what they say can be less important than the signals they send — consciously or not — with body language
Portable Camera System Is Designed for Going Remote
K2 Series portable CCTV pipeline inspection system from CUES Inc.
Industry News - June 2009
Geospatial Teams with HEBCO on Naval Project; Henning Joins AP/M as Manager of Technical Development; RIDGID Launches Reputation Roadshow; Super Products Produces DVD, Offers Demo Tour