Inside the August 2009 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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WATER: Jump Start
A Michigan city uses a steam-cured lining system to speed up its water main rehabilitation program while reducing disruption to traffic and daily lives
Just Right for the Job
A Pennsylvania township authority brings mainline and lateral inspection in-house using a flexible and portable camera system
SEWER: Rooting for the Future
The City of Fairfield (Ohio) takes a proactive approach to blockages and employs long-term strategies to ensure lasting system performance
Making It Work
Public information campaigns can be highly effective in moving major initiatives forward. Here are some essentials for success.
SEWER: Gaining Ground
Chemical foam root treatments and a repair-and-replace program for vitrified clay pipe help a Pennsylvania city protect its sewer infrastructure and its budget
Looking at Laterals
NASSCO adds the Lateral Assessment and Certification Program to its lineup of tools for evaluating, coding and managing infrastructure
Giving Valves a Workout
A trailer-mounted valve-exercising system provides flexibility for essentially all valve sizes with full automation to simplify the process and collect complete data
Making It Count
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities gets big and consistent results from water conservation programs based on public education
Compact Gas-Detection Unit Simplifies Confined-Space Work
GasAlertMax XT from BW Technologies/Honeywell International Inc.
Industry News - August 2009
Pipe and Valve Technology’s Training Center Opens