Inside the September 2010 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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A Matter of Choice
A lateral-repair program in South Williamsport, Pa., lets residents choose conventional or trenchless methods to replace leaking pipes
More with Less
A small Ohio city stretches its budget by building synergies between departments and selecting equipment that gives a bigger bang for the buck
Southern Knights
A nine-month turnaround of an Alabama county’s water system combines main inspection, leak repair and a tough-but-fair approach to billing
Early Warning
A real-time wireless system in manholes monitors sewer levels and helps prevent overflows in a northeast Florida city
Looking Inside
Inspection and cleaning of potable water storage tanks can pay dividends for public health as well as the health of the structures
Industry News - September 2010
AWWA, ASME-ITI Issue ANSI Standard; Fluid Metering Releases Product Catalog; EPA Awards Kansas, Iowa Grants; Geospatial Creates Infrastructure Blog; ADS Acquires Inserta Fittings, Piedmont, Foltz; Henrich Joins SewerVUE
Sealing the Source
Grouts and other sealing systems for manholes help municipal utility managers cut off clear-water inflow and infiltration at an important source
The Light Fantastic
The PRO-RING system from Cretex Specialty Products uses lightweight foam rings that enable one worker to restore a manhole to grade level
Worth Noting - September 2010
People/Awards; Learning Opportunities; Calendar
Talk Them Up
Infrastructure maintenance people are some of the most important and most undervalued professionals in the world. Here’s an invitation to recognize them.
Now in Spanish
NASSCO translates its Jetter Code of Practice Manual, a guide for selecting and operating waterjet equipment and selecting nozzles to fit the application
Pole Camera Offers Quick, Safe Inspection Option
Self-illuminating color zoom pole camera from Zistos Corp.
Leading Boldly
Irrational fears can keep high-potential people from moving up the management ranks. Simple coping strategies can help them break through.
Product News - September 2010
Featured products of September