Our 10 Most Popular Stories of 2014

Our 10 Most Popular Stories of 2014

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With the new year right around the corner, we’re revisiting the 10 most popular articles of 2014. Enjoy this look back at the year’s top stories on MSWmag.com.

10. How To Keep Sewer Workers Safe
Sewers are a hazardous environment. You already have policies in place to protect crews from waterborne diseases and procedures to prevent serious injuries. Following these 10 simple tips can go a long way to ensuring health and safety on the job.

9. What the Heck is Ice Pigging?
A pipe-cleaning technique developed by a University of Bristol professor is getting some traction stateside. This article explores how Atlanta-based Utility Service Group is helping municipalities save time and money by offering an alternative to mechanical pigging.

8. The Plumber Who Saved Washington
In 1865, the half-day rate for a plumber and assistant was $3.25 and lead sold for 60 cents per pound. But this Civil War-era invoice reveals a much bigger tale. Told by PipeShark co-owner John Galligan, it’s a history lesson on how “The Father of Modern Washington” — a plumber turned politician — transformed the infrastructure of our nation’s capital.

7. The Mother Ditch: Workers Discover 200-Year-Old Municipal System
Here’s another one for you history buffs: Construction workers in Los Angeles who were excavating the site of a major Chinatown development made an interesting discovery in April when they unearthed a 100-foot section of the city’s first municipal water system built in 1781.

6. War on FOG
Writer Peter Kenter tackled the subject of FOG, examining various solutions to combating the fats, oils and grease that clog our sewer lines.

5. Whoops! Contractors Pour Concrete Into Sewers
Talk about having a bad day. This summer a contract crew working at a transit station construction site in Hamilton, Ontario, accidentally poured loads of concrete into a municipal sewer.

4. Rats in Sewers: What’s the Rattiest City in America?
Coast to coast, rats are an unavoidable part of sewer work. Orkin released its annual list of the 20 “Rattiest Cities” in America. Which city takes the cake (err, cheese)? Hint: It’s not “The Big Apple.”

3. Did You Catch Your Employees on Camera?
Can you count on your employees to always act professionally even when they think no one is watching? In today’s digital age, proper training and an emphasis on ethics may help prevent those embarrassing unexpected consequences of being caught on camera.

2. Snake Nest Surprises CCTV Operators During Pipe Inspection
Boo! Hiss! Watch this contractor’s CCTV footage to see firsthand what he encountered during a routine sewer pipe inspection.

1. Top 10 Utilities to Follow on Facebook
Our most-read article of 2014 highlights the top 10 utilities on Facebook and how they are using the world’s most popular social media platform to communicate, educate and engage with customers.


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