Municipal Sewer & Water Product News: Nov. 19, 2015

Check out the latest listing of products exclusively for the municipal sewer and water industry.
Municipal Sewer & Water Product News: Nov. 19, 2015
The 680PG-10 PowerGrit Utility Saw from ICS, a Blount International Brand, is a pipe cutter designed to cut plastic pipe to ductile iron pipe up to 10 inches in diameter.

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ICS pipe cutter
The 680PG-10 PowerGrit Utility Saw from ICS, a Blount International Brand, is a pipe cutter designed to cut plastic pipe to ductile iron pipe up to 10 inches in diameter. The new 680ES engine platform features a 76.5 cc, 5 hp engine and a direct-drive clutch, so the drive belt doesn’t slip in wet conditions, unlike most circular cut-off saws. 800/321-1240;

Bayco LED work lights
The SL-1500 Series LED work lights from Bayco Products are constructed with a rear multi-fin heat sink that keeps the fixtures cool to the touch. Each single fixture work light produces 2,200 lumens of light. The SL-1522 has dual light fixtures for a combined output of 4,4000 lumens. Fixtures can be tilted or swiveled independently allowing the user to position the fixture where light is needed. 800/233-2155;

Fluid Components International flowmeter
The ST98 from FCI is an air/gas flowmeter designed to optimize the fuel-to-air ratio for boiler control in plant HVAC systems. This process minimizes fuel consumption, which helps lower plant energy costs and reduces pollutant emissions. The natural gas flow measurement solution allows facility engineers to monitor and control the precise amount of fuel needed to run HVAC boilers efficiently. The thermal mass flow sensor design provides direct mass flow measurement without the need for additional temperature or pressure sensors or density calculating devices. 800/854-1993;

Optronics miniature LED work lamps
The Opti-Brite TLL30FB Series of miniature LED work lamps by Optronics International measure 3.25 inches in diameter with the capacity to produce a raw lumen output of 960. It can be mounted on any vehicle with 4 1/2 inches of clearance and comes stocked with a stainless steel mounting bracket. The lamp is designed to accommodate both 12- and 24-volt systems. A lifetime warranty replaces the lamp even if one diode fails. 800/364-5483;

Ditch Witch mini skid-steer
The SK752 from Ditch Witch is a new, construction-grade mini skid-steer that features a 24.8 hp Kubota diesel engine. The machine has an 860-pound operating capacity and increased hinge-pin height to 83 inches for more efficient loading. It features an ergonomic operator’s station with standard dual-lever ground drive controls, an operational joystick and two-way auxiliary foot pedal. The platform measures 74 square inches. 800/654-6481;

Hackney van shelving
Hackney is releasing both aluminum and steel shelving lines beginning with the Ford Transit, targeting contractor service markets with an emphasis on simplifying the buying process. Aluminum shelving is lightweight with adjustable shelves designed to hold Hackney’s storage trays or tools. Driver-side and passenger-side kits can be purchased separately or as one package with top-shelf storage for ladders and pipe. The Inventory Management Shelving (IMS) system is a heavy-duty steel shelving solution that offers both driver- and passenger-side packages. 252/946-6521;

Hot Jet USA trailer-mounted jetter
The HotJet III from Hot Jet USA a trailer-mounted water jetter. It features 20 gpm of hot or cold water at 3,850 psi and runs on two 35 hp Vanguard engines. It is designed to clean lines from 2 to 24 inches with the proper nozzles and features a wireless remote control with a range of up to 300 feet and includes 500 feet of 1/2-inch hose, 300 feet of 3/8-inch hose and 100 feet of sanitary hose; 1/4-inch line is also included for laterals. Included is the choice of a 300- or 660-gallon water tank and a 5-foot by 14-foot tandem-axel diamond plate trailer. 800/624-8186;

Larson Electronics explosion-proof LED floodlight
The EPL-LED-100W-RT-HC from Larson Electronics is an explosion-proof LED floodlight fixture for traditionally hazardous locations. The Class 1 Division 1 and 2, Class 2 Division 1 and 2 fixture provides 8,667 lumens of light on 100 watts of power. The copper-free aluminum alloy body is powder-coated for added durability and aesthetics. A heat-dissipating design in addition to LED technology helps this fixture achieve a 60,000-hour rated life span with 80 percent lumen retention. The fixture contains eight individual LED boards configured in a series of banks. Each bank contains two LED boards with an individual driver. In the event of failure, only one bank of LEDs will be affected while the other banks will continue to operate. 800/369-6671;

Flowserve anti-cavitation technology
The Valtek DiamondBack from Flowserve Corp. is anti-cavitation technology for severe service applications. It enables control valve users to eliminate high-pressure drop cavitation damage and noise and is available for installation in any new or existing Valtek Mark Series control valve body sizes. Available in all commonly specified materials, including 300 and 400 Series stainless steel and high-nickel alloys, as well as exotic alloys and tungsten carbide. 972/443-6500;

Perma-Liner lateral connection solution
InnerSeal is an engineered solution from Perma-Liner Industries for repairing defective laterals and the connection to the mainline. It is a one-piece, structural and continuous main-to-lateral CIPP that completely seals the connection while simultaneously renewing the lateral and was designed using the standard practice for the rehabilitation of sewer service lateral — ASTM F2561-11. 866/336-2568;

Industrial Video & Control hydrocarbon leak detection camera
The FV-3532-4 from Industrial Video & Control is a hydrocarbon leak detection camera. It detects pipeline and tank leakages of a variety of hydrocarbon products including propane, gasoline and diesel. The fixed-view thermal imager (640x480) is calibrated and programmed to sense only the thermal signatures of fluids and high-pressure gases. Up to four detection zones can be specified. When a leak is detected in a defined zone, a contact closure is activated to generate an alarm. IVC’s camera management software can be used to manage these alarms as well as communicate them to the site’s SCADA or DCS system. The camera comes with a variety of lens options and is weatherproof. A camera mount provides for multi-axis adjustment. 781/255-7400;

Hydro International grit removal system
The HeadCell from Hydro International is a grit removal system that has been upgraded with new features to help treatment plants save costs and energy use. An intermittent fluidizing and pumping option for all HeadCell sizes and flows helps reduce electricity consumption and maximize the operating life of the equipment as it operates continuously without power to separate the grit. At predetermined times, according to site conditions, the fluidizing agitates the collected grit prior to it being pumped to the classifying and dewatering systems. 866/615-8130;

BBA self-priming pumps
Design of BBA Pumps’ B-series self-priming pumps has been modified, resulting in a higher pump efficiency and a larger passage for solids, making models more environmentally friendly. Changes have been made to the spraying process to reduce ecological impact and the generation of waste materials by replacing spraying with a powder-coating process. All new deliveries will have hot-dip galvanized inspection covers. 843/849-3676;

Endress+Hauser orthophosphate analyzer
The Liquiline System CA80PH from Endress+Hauser is an orthophosphate analyzer for monitoring water treatment processes. It is available in four measuring ranges: Two use the standard molybdenum (blue method; DIN EN 1189) for low-range measurement down to 50 ug/I and two use the molybdate vanadate method (yellow method) for high-range measurements up to 50 mg/L. The analyzer can be configured with one or two channels and can be ordered without a cabinet or with the choice of an ASA plastic or a stand-alone ASA-PC steel-coated housing. It can automatically obtain a water sample from the process, filter it, add the reagent, measure the intensity and then clean the sampling system with compressed air or water in preparation for the next test. In addition to the unique chemical manager, which reduces chemical consumption by a factor of 8, the analyzer can be fitted with a smart, energy-efficient cooling module for the reagents, which can last for up to 12 weeks depending on the concentration. 888/363-7377;

Techspray cleaning solvent
PWR-4 Maintenance Cleaner from Techspray is a cleaning solvent engineered to be a safer alternative to common industrial solvents like n-propylbromide (nPB). It quickly dissolves oils, greases, fluxes, silicones, dirt and grime. Fast evaporation and high-dielectric strength allows work to be completed quickly. The solvent is designed for wiping down parts and machines for us in ultra-sonic cleaning equipment and vapor-degreaser equipment and comes in 1-gallon, 5-gallon or 55-gallon drums. 800/858-4043;


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