SkyBitz Local Fleets Launches Plug-and-Play Fleet Tracking Solution

The SA2000 plugs into the OBD-II port of a vehicle and provides an uninterrupted flow of vehicle tracking data including vehicle location, speed, mileage and fuel usage.

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SkyBitz Local Fleets has introduced the SA2000, a plug-and-play GPS fleet tracking product that can be deployed in minutes. It provides an uninterrupted flow of vehicle tracking data including vehicle location, speed, mileage, fuel usage and more. The SA2000 is available for a flat monthly rate of $18.95 through the SkyBitz Local Fleets Economy package, part of the company’s broader Software as a Service offerings.    

The SA2000 is a flexible solution that offers customers vehicle performance and health monitoring with enhanced diagnostics capabilities. Designed to simply insert into the OBD-II port of a vehicle, the SA2000 eliminates the need for taking a vehicle out of service for installation. It is ideal for any light-duty vehicle that needs tracking, including pickup trucks, utility vans, service vehicles and sprinters.

“We are excited to offer the SkyBitz Local Fleets Economy package featuring the SA2000 to meet our customer’s needs for a low-cost, self-installed GPS fleet tracking solution that delivers an almost immediate ROI,” says Todd Lewis, vice president of sales for SkyBitz Local Fleets. “As part of a larger SkyBitz family, we are able to leverage a larger Customer Success Team who is dedicated to providing helpful, timely support to ensure our customers receive the most optimal use of the solution.”

With the SA2000, businesses can improve customer service and efficiency, monitor and improve driver behavior, and ensure billing accuracy. Additionally, maintenance data such as oil change records ensures that a fleet receives timely preventive service to avoid costly equipment breakdowns.

Additional features of the SA2000 include:

  • Vehicle speed alerts with OBD-II/GPS data
  • Virtual odometer/distance and idle time reporting
  • Motion/tow alert with ignition and movement detection

SkyBitz Local Fleets offers various levels of SaaS packages to fit the unique needs of different fleets of vehicles and assets. SkyBitz Local Fleets identifies the package that best benefit businesses and helps them get the most out of the solutions. Visit to learn more.

About SkyBitz Local Fleets
SkyBitz Local Fleets is a business unit of SkyBitz, a wholly owned subsidiary of Telular Corporation. SkyBitz Local Fleets is a unique fleet management solution that gives fleet owner/operators visibility into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mileage through real-time automated tracking and reporting. More than a thousand small, medium and large fleets, both public and private, rely on SkyBitz Local Fleets to eliminate the stress of fleet management and keep businesses running at peak efficiency. To learn more about SkyBitz Local Fleets visit, or call 888/760-4477.


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