Product News: April 2019

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Perma-Liner Industries Manhole Edge Protector The Manhole Edge Protector from Perma-Liner Industries is made in highly visible safety orange, which helps identify the site and the open manhole, eliminating potential hazards. The 360-degree edge protection also eliminates the top-edge roller and top-wide tiger tail that can allow the cable to slip off the roller. The interior 3.5-inch flange holds back debris and any loose infrastructure from falling into the manhole. It is made with ABS 3/16 plastic, which is durable and withstands temperatures from 40 degrees below zero to 180 degrees F. The Manhole Edge Protector leaves the manhole completely open, providing accessibility and visibility while also protecting the camera and jetter lines. 866-336-2568;

Sewer Equipment GENESIS water recycling sewer cleaner
The GENESIS water recycling sewer cleaner from Cappellotto by Sewer Equipment employs a passive separation approach, which includes a true five-stage separation process. Using gravity, it separates water from sludge. The GENESIS is able to work effectively and efficiently in grease and lines containing water with any size impurities, as there are no filters to become clogged. It has a 13-yard stainless steel debris tank, a 1,500-gallon stainless steel water tank, a 90 gpm at 2,500 psi water pump designed specifically for recycled water, a positive displacement blower with 3,000 cfm at 27-inch Hg with 6-inch system, and 800 feet of 1-inch sewer hose. With a boom reach that is adjustable from 15 to 21 feet from the center of the truck, the Smart Boom assembly has 65 feet of vacuum tube, providing the ability to vacuum 30 to 37 feet below grade without adding additional tubes. 

HammerHead Trenchless WT212-3D wet-out table
The WT212-3D wet-out table from HammerHead Trenchless features a three-drive roller system and no-shim gap control that combine to deliver accurate and uniform resin saturation for CIPP installations. The three-drive design powers rollers to reduce liner wrinkling; and a quick-locking gap mechanism allows users to calibrate gaps between 0.19 and 0.59 inches to eliminate thickness variation in resin. Other features include a safety e-stop that halts movement and also releases roller pressure for easier removal of anything between the rollers. A self-centering belt eliminates in-field adjustment and reduces wear and tear. 800-331-6653;

Myers Seth Pumps DD-6 pump
The DD-6 pump from Myers Seth Pumps pulls the best attributes of four different types of pumps — double diaphragm, centrifugal, piston and rotary lobe — into one solution. The DD-6 is capable of being used for the six most common methods of dewatering that are typically encountered on a job site, from simple to complex. The 6-inch, high-volume, double-diaphragm pump has a HATZ 1D81Z, 10 hp air-cooled diesel engine, enabling 140 max cfm. It features high head pressure and 3/8-inch steel construction to make it reliable and durable. It can pump 700 gpm, deliver 28 feet of vertical lift and move 4 1/2-inch solids, making it a great sludge and slurry pump as well. The Sound Attenuated Fully Enclosed version reduces noise output by up to 50%, making it ideal for metropolitan and urban environments. 904-389-6114;

Sensoray high-definition embeddable digital video recorder Model 4023
The Model 4023 from Sensoray is a compact high-definition digital video recorder designed for embedded OEM applications. It captures and records analog HD video (TVI, CVI, AHD) and stereo audio to USB storage media and can capture JPG images on the fly without interrupting stream recording. It provides both DVI and composite NTSC/PAL outputs to allow live or recorded video and JPG snapshots to be displayed on an external HD or SD monitor. Date and time are maintained by a real-time clock with battery backup. To implement a complete embedded DVR, connect power, a keypad or keyboard, and a USB storage device. A wireless DVR can be created by plugging a USB Wi-Fi adapter into one of the USB ports. 503-684-8005;

Schonstedt Instrument Loki locator for large areas
Schonstedt Instrument’s Loki is a multifrequency locator solution designed to sweep large areas to quickly and easily locate buried assets. With Dual Mode capabilities, the Loki can simultaneously search for and identify transmitter and power signals for quick and accurate sweeps prior to excavation. Available in two models, Contractor and Utilities, the locator operates in Active, Inductive, Sonde and Passive modes. The ShallowAlert warns of shallow pipes and cables, and NoiseProtect enables use in electrically noisy environments. Each model is optimized to perform in the demanding environments of the construction and utilities industries. 888-367-7014;


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