Vactor IntuiTouch Technology Delivers Ultimate Operator Ease and Simplicity

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Vactor IntuiTouch Technology Delivers Ultimate Operator Ease and Simplicity

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The pace of technology is increasing at a rapid rate. Now, emerging innovations like remote-controlled devices, digital cockpits, connected machines, telematics and predictive analytics are becoming more integrated in heavy equipment than ever before. These types of technologies have a profound effect on productivity by boosting efficiency and improving performance, making them valuable assets to an operation.

The Vactor IntuiTouch one-touch controls were first introduced in 2018 as part of the Vactor 2100i product launch. Due to the success and feedback received from the 2100i, the technology was added on to additional models in 2020 including the Vactor Ramjet truck-mounted water jetter and the all-new Vactor iMPACT compact, combination sewer cleaner.

The exclusive IntuiTouch technology is all about redefining simplicity, bringing advanced, intuitive controls to improve operator ease and efficiency. The in-cab control provides simple operation with a one-touch engagement of power transfer, allowing operators to gain control of all operational systems at a touch of a button.

“We revolutionized the industry by bringing the 2100i on board our fleet,” says Josh Malmassari, product manager for Vactor. “Our initiative is offering IntuiTouch technology to multiple products and getting them under the same control system, making the operators’ array of tasks simpler than ever.” 

Intuitive controls layout and operator comfort

The equipment’s layout plays an essential role for the operator. The intuitive controls’ placement ensures optimal flow, reducing the steps within the operational process and eliminating the need to back up or move across controls to complete the required job. 

In addition, ergonomics are equally important for operators as part of their day-to-day operations and is becoming increasingly important for efficiency and productivity. According to OSHA, the number one cause of lost or restricted work time is musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). To help prevent MSDs, IntuiTouch’s exterior adjustable control box height and articulation adjusts for every operator’s preference and eliminates the need to reach, bend, stoop or twist to see or access the controls when operating the unit. This allows operators to maintain optimal performance.

Diagnostics and immediate data

Another important feature included with IntuiTouch is advanced diagnostics that eliminate the need for additional tools and software. A display provides quick accessibility to key data information, giving operators greater control job after job. In addition, the ability to receive any error messages or view chassis information from the operator stations allows for greater productivity.

Control panel

The control panel provides many additional benefits, including tactile controls that allow the operator to focus on the job at hand. For added security, conveniently located emergency stops (E-stops) bring the unit to a safe condition for protection of the operator and equipment. Other features include reliable touch buttons to enable the operator to know if a selected function is active, and a hose reel joystick significantly improves response time and pays in and out on the direction of the hose reel.

“Our customers are realizing the advantages of the IntuiTouch controls,” Malmassari says. “With the technology, they’re seeing consistent, reliable results — time after time — and are experiencing a strong payback for difficult and repetitive jobs.” 

To learn more about IntuiTouch and how it can help your operation, please visit or contact your local dealer.


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