The Benefit of Versatile Tools

The right kind of tool can save space in your service vehicle and make you more efficient on the job site

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We all know space is limited on work trucks, and you can only carry so much in your hands to a job site. A tool’s weight, size and overall portability and versatility are critical when making new tool purchases.

If you’re replacing three 10-pound tools with one 50-pound tool, the math isn’t in your favor. Multipurpose tools should be more compact, lighter and easier to transport. They should save space, not add to it. They should also be easier to work with and intuitive to use, saving you time. For example, if you have a tool that utilizes multiple head attachments, you should be able to change those heads quickly and without needing extra tools. It all comes down to saving time and doing more jobs with less equipment and with less stress on your body. 

These three types of tools are great places to start:

  • Wrenches —  The most basic and essential of plumbing tools, wrenches can also be the most versatile. From adjustable wrenches that allow you to work on different size pipe with one tool, to telescoping basin wrenches with lights that eliminate the need for separate lighting, the right wrench can be a major time-saver. 
  • Press Tools — Pipe pressing tools really are a great multipurpose tool since they allow joining any size pipe and material in minutes without all the equipment needed for soldering. Look for press tools that offer a variety of jaws and rings attachments to easily adjust the tool based on the needs of the job site. Some press tools may also offer additional attachments for cutting soil pipe and strut.   
  • Diagnostic Tools — Essential diagnostic tools, including cameras and locating equipment, allow you to have a better understanding of the work that needs to be done. They often pair well with equally versatile drain cleaning tools, giving you the right solutions to complete your drain cleaning jobs. For example, some high-speed drain cleaning equipment allows for drain cleaning while the camera is in-pipe. Not having to pull the drain cleaning machine out to run the camera — and vice versa — provides major time savings.

Regardless of the tool type, you’ll want to think about how it adds to your work before purchasing. Will it save time by incorporating multiple tools into one? Is it smaller, saving space on your truck? Are ergonomics incorporated into the tool’s design to minimize user fatigue? The right multipurpose tool investments can go a long way in adding to your efficiency and productivity.

About the author: Amy Moneypenny is a global product manager at RIDGID for Underground Technologies — Inspection & Locating. RIDGID is a manufacturer of more than 300 dependable and innovative tools, trusted by professional trades in over 100 countries. Learn more at  


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