Maximize Your Inspection Advantage in 6-Inch Relined Pipe

The compact CUES Ultra Shorty III can inspect relined 6-inch to 24-inch lines with major offsets and protruding laterals

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Maximize Your Inspection Advantage in 6-Inch Relined Pipe

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The Ultra Shorty III track transporter features a reduced camera/tractor length with the CUES OZIII camera to facilitate line entry through inverts with limited space and traverses 22-, 45- and 90-degree sweeps in smaller diameter lines. The reduced width enables full pan-and-tilt and zoom capabilities in 6-inch relined pipe. The system is supplied with weighted adapter blocks to optically center the camera and a built-in connector and protective housing for direct insertion of the OZIII camera; no camera interface cables are required. Contoured, high-traction cleats are provided to maximize pipe wall contact for greater traction. The transporter also includes dual track fasteners to increase track/cleat life and self-cleaning drive sprockets when operating in mud and sand.

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