Vac-Con Truck’s Hydrostatic Drive Eliminates Blower Idle Time

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In this video from the 2022 WWETT Show, Mark Wardlaw of Vac-Con discusses all the convenient features of the company’s X-Cavator CXT hydroexcavator.

One of the top features is the design of the hydrostatic drive that eliminates blower idle time. The blower only runs when the water or vacuum systems are engaged.

“During any idle time, the blower isn’t just sitting there generating heat and destroying the blower,” Wardlaw says. “It extends the life of the blower.”

Another convenient feature is the wireless remote control that attaches to the truck dashboard by magnet, which is also how it recharges, and has full control of all truck functions.

“Even dumping the debris tank can be done by remote control,” Wardlaw says.

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