Webinar: Engineer and Contractor Agree: Sealing and Stabilizing Service Laterals is Essential

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We know from the US-EPA, nearly half the flow to treatment facilities nationwide is clean groundwater. That means twice the cost to pump, transport, and treat the inffluent. The question is, can we afford to ignore this fact or are there proactive measures we can take to mitigate I&I with less than one year pay-back on investment? For very compelling reasons, our experts will weigh-in on all corrective methods, outline a holistic approach, but pay particular attention to service laterals and connections to mainline pipe because of cost, value, and reward.  


Michael Vargo, Vice President Prime Resins, Inc.  Recognized world-wide, Prime Resins is well-known for its infrastructure repair solutions and Mike has devoted much of his professional career to the well-being of customer and partners.

George Kurz, P.E., DEE Independent Researcher. Over 33 years working with state and municipal agencies to measure and correct I&I problems, George conducted groundbreaking studies to analyze 500 sewer systems. 

Randy Belanger, Sales Manager, Visu-Sewer, Inc.   Providing contracting services to keep underground infrastructure optimum, Randy has driven the sales & business development practices of Visu-Sewer for 16 years and currently serves on the Board of Directors at NASSCO.   

Marc Anctil, President, Logiball, Inc.  Manufacturer of inflatable pipe plugs & sealing solutions for underground structures since 1983.  Marc has served on the NASSCO Board and as President in 2008, and currently serves as Chairman of ICGC.   


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