Webinar: From Pilot to Full Scale, the Ins and Outs of Implementing Deammonification at the Fresno-Clovis RWRF

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This webinar describes the City of Fresno’s drivers for implementing sidestream treatment at the 90 mgd RWRF and how the ANITA Mox deammonification technology fits into the City’s nitrogen management plan. You will hear from experts that were directly involved in the pilot project and be given some insight about the background of the plant, what the pilot performance looks like, and how the pilot results are being leveraged in the design of the full scale facilities. This webinar will provide invaluable information for similar utilities who are interested in implementing sidestream as a first step towards nitrogen removal, or for those who already remove nitrogen and need to achieve more stable and/or stringent nitrogen limits. 


Andre Gharagozian, P.E.

Andre is an Associate Vice President out of Carollo’s Walnut Creek office and has more than 24 years experience as a consulting engineer. He supports Carollo’s wastewater practice as their Northern California Wastewater Process Lead and is an expert in the evaluation, planning and design of nutrient removal facilities including activated sludge BNR, intensification, and sidestream technologies.

John Witter, P.E.

John is a Lead Engineer out of Carollo’s Fresno office and has over 7 years of experience assisting Central California wastewater utilities performing capacity and performance assessment, biological process modeling, treatment process alternatives, and the piloting and design of nutrient removal and solids handling processes.

Rodrigo Lara

Rodrigo Lara is a regional manager for Veolia. He supports the Western Region of the US and covers biological products including ANITA Mox, IFAS/MBBR, Biostyr DUO and Oxidation Ditch. 


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