Webinar: Show FOG Who’s the Boss

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Boost your efficiency with purpose-built FOG Management Software

Fats, Oils and Grease – FOG – can be a real bully, wreaking havoc on collections systems, upsetting treatment processes, and creating hassle and massive inefficiencies for maintenance teams. But you can fight back, taking control of FOG prevention and management with software specifically developed to efficiently manage this tormenter. Listen in as three FOG management professionals discuss proactively managing FOG and demonstrate software designed to tackle the 4 most common challenges for FOG management programs. You’ll even hear how the City of Seattle has efficiently increased their number of FSE inspections by over 300% in the last 4 years. Start putting FOG in its place with purpose-built FOG Management Software.


Chris Weinandt: FOG Software Product Manager, Hach Partner: Aquatic Informatics
Chris has 19 years of experience developing and supporting software solutions for FOG, industrial pretreatment, liquid-hauled waste, and backflow prevention.

Brandt Slivken: FOG Technical Sales Engineer, Hach Partner: Aquatic Informatics
Brandt has spent 18 years working with customers to build and support software solutions that drive digital transformation and workflow automation.

Gary Christiansen: Wastewater Source Control Supervisor, City of Seattle/Seattle Public Utilities
Gary has over 15 years of experience in Pretreatment and FOG, including the use of Linko CTS and FOG software. He holds Florida Industrial Pretreatment Association Pretreatment Levels A, B, & C Certifications, as well as FOG Level A & B Certifications. In 2015, Gary moved to Seattle, Washington where he leads the Wastewater Source Control Program and is transforming the Seattle Public Utilities Fats, Oils, and Grease program from a reactive enforcement-driven program to a proactive knowledge and maintenance driven program.


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