Clear Large Pipes With Ease

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Clear Large Pipes With Ease

In sewer jetting, big pipes (e.g., 12 feet in diameter) often present municipalities with big challenges.

In New York an old sewer line was found to be 80% blocked, causing its tributaries to back up. The culprit? Not merely sediment, or even so-called flushable wipes, but a ball of rags weighing some 1,800 pounds. After Hurricane Sandy, tree limbs and an engine block were among the debris keeping a storm drain from accepting runoff.

Throughout the 800,000 miles of public sewers in the United States are many pipes that are 25 to 75% blocked — and the bigger the pipe, the bigger the debris causing the problem. Most sewer jetters simply don’t generate the flow necessary to dislodge it. That’s why cities are turning to jetting systems from NLB Corp., which feature high-pressure/high-flow pumps and hose reels feeding hoses that can be nearly a mile long. 

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