Town Takes Control of Stormwater Inspections

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Town Takes Control of Stormwater Inspections

The Town of Renfrew, Ontario, maintains a storm and sanitary system including 55 miles of pipe. This system requires CCTV camera inspections to ensure the integrity of the infrastructure and to minimize the risk of contamination or flooding. Being a small municipality, the high cost of inspections limited their abilities to complete these inspections on a regular basis.

To overcome this, Renfrew acquired a Deep Trekker DT340 pipe crawler. Deep Trekker CCTV crawler vehicles are entirely battery operated and do not require a dedicated truck to operate. This two carry-case system reduced the barrier to purchase a robust and capable system, with a lower up-front and ongoing cost in comparison to a typical CCTV inspection van.

Recently, the town of Renfrew shared their story of how they are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars completing inspections on their own time and gaining valuable insight into their stormwater infrastructure.

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