January Product News

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January Product News
ABCO Offers Mobile Dewatering Truck

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RIDGID Offers One-Touch Digital Monitor

The one-touch SeeSnake CS10 digital monitor from RIDGID records video and still images. The unit features image playback and auto-log recording that compresses files to save memory on the USB stick. The 12.1-inch monitor with enhanced daylight readability comes with SeeSnake HQ software, a PC-based program that allows images and inspection video to be imported and stored on a computer for media sharing through PDF reports and DVDs. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com; Expo booth 8000.


CAS Dataloggers Offers Universal Data Logger

The battery-powered Grant Squirrel SQ2010 portable universal input data logger from CAS Dataloggers Inc. features up to eight analog input channels capable of measuring temperature at 0.1 percent accuracy as well as recording humidity, current, voltage and resistance. The unit automatically triggers or stops logging and has two alarm/relay outputs. Other features include a built-in two-line by 40-character LCD display and keypad. Readings are recorded to the logger’s 16 MB internal memory, storing up to 1.8 million readings with USB connectivity to a PC for download as well as optional Ethernet or RS232 connections. 800/956-4437; www.dataloggerinc.com.


ABCO Offers Mobile Dewatering Truck

The self-contained mobile dewatering truck from ABCO Industries Ltd. conditions incoming municipal and industrial sludge with a polymer, while the onboard filter system separates solids and liquids. Solids are stored in a holding tank on the truck, while the liquid filtrate is returned for on-site treatment. Solids can be disposed of at an approved composting or land-application area. Options include a high-pressure jetting system for tank cleanout. 866/634-882l; www.abco.ca; Expo booth 2140.


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