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Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo exhibitors use the big stage in Indianapolis to unveil the latest industry products and innovations
On Display
Quickset epoxy lining system

A giant showroom of cutting-edge municipal and environmental services equipment and products greeted attendees at the 2012 Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo at the Indiana Convention Center Feb. 27-March 1.

The Expo, held for the first time in Indianapolis, offered 501 exhibits and attracted 8,595 attendees representing 3,875 companies in a wide range of water, wastewater, environmental service and gas and oil service industries.

Attendees kicked the tires on heavy-duty vacuum and hydroexcavation trucks, tested a wide range of software, and learned about tools and accessories as varied as trailer-mounted waterjetters, smoke blowers and mobile dewatering equipment. Here’s a sampling of the new products seen at the Expo for the first time.


New hydroexcavator

The Mud Dog 1600 hydroexcavator from Super Products delivers up to 18 gpm at 3,000 psi. An 8-inch, positive displacement vacuum system provides 5,800 cfm airflow and 28 Hg of vacuum. 800/837-9711; www.muddogeasy.com.


Smoke blower eliminates residue

The Air Loc Plumbing WV Smoke Blower from Cherne Industries detects odor sources in a building’s pipes. It uses liquid smoke that is atomized before heating, eliminating liquid residue. 800/843-7584; www.cherneind.com.


Quickset epoxy lining system

The newly patented epoxy lining system from ACE DuraFlo Systems can remedy pinhole leaks, lead/copper contaminants, discolored water and low water flow with a 2-hour return-to-service time. 949/724-0323; www.aceduraflo.com.


Lift station valve

The Termex valve from Mainline Backflow Products is a PVC valve with an O-ring seal, lightweight ABS gate and two-hinge system. They are available in various sizes and normally open or normally closed designs. 877/734-8691; www.backwatervalve.com.


Symmetrical plunger pump

The new MW Series of high-pressure triplex plunger pumps from General Pump feature the capability to run dry for up to 30 minutes without causing any damage to the wet-end components. The pump is designed to be symmetrical from top to bottom so it can be converted in the field for use in either a right- or left-hand crankshaft configuration. Simply remove the manifold and crankcase cover and flip the pump. Engineered for 80 gpm, 2,000 psi machines, it works with the most popular spec for sewer jetting equipment. The pump has a maximum inlet pressure of 45 psi, maximum fluid temperature of 140 degrees F and weighs 540 pounds. 888/474-5487; www.generalpump.com.


Compact mainline televising system

The Predator Advantage portable mainline system from UEMSI features a new compact reel for a televising unit that can be transferred from truck to truck and access backyards and narrow easements. The unit, designed for televising 6- to 60-inch sewers, comes standard with 500 feet of cable, or can be ordered with 600-foot or 1,000-foot options. The heavy-duty unit is accompanied by the Prowler and optional Trax Jr. wheeled tractors and Explorer Zoom pan and tilt camera. Other standard features include a 10.4-inch color LCD monitor, built-in DVR with 160 gb hard drive, USB port, built-in SD card holder and wired handheld remote control. 800/666-0766; www.uemsi.com.


Versatile waterblaster

The Torus XL waterblast tool from StoneAge features replaceable manifolds for different operating conditions, adjustable speed control, replaceable 1-inch O.D. extensions, OC8 carbide nozzles, stainless steel construction and can be hung from either end. It has a maximum pressure of 15,000 psi and maximum flow of 200 gpm, weighs 98 pounds and has an entry diameter of 8 inches. 866/795-1586; www.stoneagetools.com.


Improved vacuum containers

Vacuum containers from Wastequip are available in 20- and 25-cubic-yard capacities and are tested to 27.5 Hg of vacuum. Features include a 1/4-inch steel plate body, one-piece floor and roof, simplified ratchet and chain sealing mechanism, and a one-piece t-seal gasket. Options include placard holders, additional valves and drains, and side hinge pull bar design. 877/468-9278; www.wastequip.com.


Flexible drain flusher

The DrainJet-Pro hydraulic drain flusher from Petersen Products Co. is available in sizes from 1 1/2 inches up to 6 inches and can be used on jetters with pressures up to 1,000 psi. It can be used to clean and flush clogged and slow lines and also to prevent backflow. Constructed from heavy-duty ballistic nylon, the unit is flexible enough to maneuver around bends in pipes. 800/926-1926; www.pipeplug.com.


Increased cleaning pressure

The Vactor 2100 Plus catch basin cleaner from Vactor Manufacturing has a fan and air-routing system that delivers increased vacuum pressure in single-stage and dual-stage fan configurations. Ergonomic controls make it easy to operate and maintain. Additional features include a 1,250-gallon water capacity, 12-cubic-yard debris capacity, 20 gpm at 2,500 psi hydroexcavation kit and an 8-foot telescoping boom. 800/627-3171; www.vactor.com.


Remote vacuum truck monitoring

Offered by Vac-Con, the OmniView data logging and telematics system keeps track of current and past vacuum truck locations using GPS tracking. It also tracks numerous truck functions, including fuel usage on the main and auxiliary engines, vacuum and pump run times, hose footage, water quantity on-board, system pressures, vehicle rpm, and vehicle and auxiliary engine hours (for maintenance interval tracking). A total of 70 functions are monitored. 904/284-4200; www.vac-con.com.


Continuous hemispherical scanning camera

The Digital Universal Camera (DUC) from CUES is a high-resolution digital CCTV side scanning camera designed for rapid and detailed condition assessment of wastewater systems. The system produces a continuous hemispherical scan of the internal conditions in 8- to 60-inch pipe. It operates at a constant speed without the need to stop or pan and tilt. It can inspect and assess 5,000 feet per day when used in conjunction with the asset-based Granite XP decision support software. 800/327-7791; www.cuesinc.com.


Multi-mode vacuum trucks

Jack Doheny Companies are now distributing the OmniVac series of vacuum trucks from Wastequip’s Cusco Division, featuring five operating modes: 1,400 cfm wet mode operating in both vacuum and pressure modes, 1,400 cfm dry mode operating in vacuum mode and 360 cfm industrial mode operating in both vacuum and pressure for smaller jobs or for jobs where hydrocarbons are present. It also offers the additional filtration of a complete baghouse and air cannon pulsation cleaning system. 888/936-4369; www.dohenysupplies.com


Complete mortar application system

The Pro50 Starter mortar spray system from Parson Environmental Products is a complete mortar application system that includes mixer, pump and spray gun. An onboard computer balances the spray rate with the pumping volume to prevent clogging. The hopper has a 12.5-gallon capacity with a flow rate of 2 to 3.5 gallons per minute. The system includes 50 feet each of 1-inch material hose and 1/2-inch air hose. 610/582-6060; www.parson environmental.com.


Remote-controlled manhole cover lifter

The Magnetic Lifter from Rock Mills Enterprises safely and efficiently removes and replaces heavy manhole covers with the push of a button. It is powered by a 12-volt system and mounts to the front or rear of a vehicle with standard 2-inch hitch receiver. The electromagnet delivers 5,000 pounds of lifting force and 7,000 pounds of down pressure. The wireless remote control, weatherproof camera and monitor system enable the system to be remotely operated from the cab. 712/451-6550; www.rockmillsent.com.


Reliable pumping without clogging

Godwin Dri-Prime NC Series pumps from Xylem are designed for energy efficiency and non-clogging operation even when moving liquids containing stringy solids, fabric and plastics including bubble wrap. Applications include sewer bypassing, pump station backup, sludge pumping, stormwater pumping and industrial effluent. An automatic self-priming venturi priming system primes and re-primes from dry up to 28 feet with no operator assistance or foot valve required. 914/323-5700; www.godwinpumps.com.


Double-duty inspection system

The MainLite portable pipeline inspection system from RapidView IBAK North America has 1,200 feet of fiber optic cable and is compatible with all of the company’s cameras and inspection equipment. It can also be truck-mounted for stationary use. Controls include a touchscreen and dual joysticks, one for the camera and one for the tractor. 800/656-4225; www.rapidview.com.


Portable pipeline vise

The portable 460-12 TRI-STAND chain vise from RIDGID can hold pipe up to 12 inches in diameter and features an adjustable rear leg that provides the ability to level the stand. Other features include an integrated ground lug that provides a conductive surface to connect the weld ground, a leg chain that keeps the legs folded when not in use, and a tool tray. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com.


Updated command module

The P350 flexitrax system command module from Pearpoint features an 8-inch industrial grade TFT screen with anti-reflective protection, splash-proof keyboard for text entry and report writing, and Bluetooth wireless technology to send photos. The USB 2.0 port allows transfer of files to a PC or laptop, and the unit is also compatible with the P340 flexiprobe pushrod system. 800/688-8094; www.radiodetection.com.


Real-time pressure testing results

The pressure testing system software from Pipeline Observation System Management (POSM) is used for pressure testing joints, laterals, grout repairs, quick line repairs and entire lateral sections. The software allows the user to control the bladder pressure involved, add observations, start and stop the test, and view the real-time results of the test. 859/274-0041; www.posm.us.


Heavy-duty steam units

Enclosed steam trucks from CIPP Services feature fuel-efficient Clayton steam units and offer protection from rain, snow and ultraviolet ray damage, which reduces maintenance and keeps units running longer. Trucks include 3.5 or 5 million Btu steam boilers, diesel-powered air compressors with up to 375 cfm output, MultiQuip three-phase diesel-powered 25 Kva generators, inline water softener treatment system and a central operators station inside the truck body with fold-up access staircase. Trucks are equipped with system drains to purge water for easy winterization when not in use. 815/712-8708; www.cipp-services.com.


Pumps for varied liquids

Priming-assisted Prime Aire Plus pumps from Gorman-Rupp Co. offer venturi/compressor priming systems along with increased head and flow and enhanced maintenance features. Models in sizes up to 8 inches are suitable for clear liquids and liquids that contain large solids. Features include externally adjustable running clearances, ductile iron body and impeller, oil-lubricated bearings, and a fuel-level monitoring system. 419/755-1011; www.gormanrupp.com.


Versatile vacuum truck

The Aquatech F-10 combination jet/vac truck from Hi-Vac is designed for easy operation and efficiency in a host of municipal and industrial applications. It includes the same proven components as B-Series units and features a front-mounted reel, positive displacement blowers, a self-cleaning, top-loading boom that extends 26 feet from tank inlet, and single-engine drive that decreases fuel consumption and saves on maintenance expenses. 800/752-2400; www.aquatechinc.com.


Compact, expandable gas monitor

The GX-2012 confined-space multi-gas monitor from RKI Instruments is the company’s smallest personal five-sensor gas monitor weighing only 12.3 ounces. The handheld unit uses micro-sensor technology to measure oxygen, methane gas, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide, and is also designed to add a fifth sensor when necessary. The detector has a low cost for the entry-level market, has glove-friendly large buttons, high-impact protective rubber covering, utilizes an easy-read automatic backlight during alarms, and is powered by lithium ion or alkaline batteries. 800/754-5165; www.rkiinstruments.com.


Simple, steerable camera

The Rovver X steerable six-wheel drive camera crawler from Envirosight provides extended crawl range with a touchscreen control pendant. Twin multifunction joysticks simplify operation, and MPEG video and JPEG still images can be uploaded directly to WinCan software. The crawler and pendant connect directly to the video cable reel without a control unit. The system also includes a detachable remote-operated camera lift, three onboard cameras and an integrated sensor package. 973/252-6700; www.envirosight.com.


Complete rehabilitationin a kit

The Perma-Patch kit from Perma-Liner Industries is designed for 3- to 24-inch diameter pipes with cracks, holes and separation in joints. The system uses a fiberglass mat with sodium silicate resins creating a structural repair with a minimum life span of 50 years. The kit includes two-part epoxy in a ready-to-mix bag, bladder protection sleeve, fiberglass mat, trowel, ground protection, hand protection gloves, zip ties and complete instructions. 866/336-2568; www.perma-liner.com.


Self-sufficient bundle cleaning

The ATL-5000 from NLB Corp. is a self-sufficient high-pressure I.D. tube cleaning system that requires no external power or air supply. The system includes a three-cylinder diesel engine rated for 31 hp and can operate at pressures up to 20,000 psi. Fully adjustable lance stroke length allows configuration for various length bundles, and the optional HVAC package provides heat and cooling to the operator system. 800/441-5059; www.nlbcorp.com.


Metering device for fats, oils and grease

The F.O.G. Buster system from F.S. Solutions meters the amount of detergent used to clean pipes that have a lot of buildup of fats oils and grease, such as sewer lines near restaurants. The unit comes with a 25-gallon detergent tank and can be easily retrofitted for an existing work truck or specified for a new truck. The detergent solution goes down the line, foams up over 10-15 minutes to liquefy greases and coats the pipe for a longer-lasting solution to prevent buildup. The meter improves efficiency, reduces water usage and can be shut off when not needed. 800/822-2253; www.fssolutionsgroup.com.


Under-dash truck GPS device

The NTX5B under-dash GPS tracking device from US Fleet Tracking enables fleets with a few or 500 trucks to follow trucks in real-time as they run routes for maximum productivity. The system updates latitude, longitude, heading and speed of a vehicle every 10 seconds, and keeps 90 days of history. Records can be saved for up to a year. The system works with third-party software for dispatching. Data is sent through satellite networks. 405/749-1105; www.usft.com.


Short-run lining alternative

EcoCast Advanced Geopolymer from Inland Pipe Rehabilitation is designed for pressure pipe repair. The spray-in liner provides structural repair for manholes and large-diameter sewer and storm sewer pipe with as little as a half inch of material. The product is billed as a strong alternative to CIPP on smaller lengths of pipe, according to the manufacturer. An antimicrobial component can be added for protection against hydrogen sulfide gases. 281/362-1131; www.pmconst.com.


New way to scan pipes

The ES-38 electro scanner from Electro Scan Inc. is designed for scanning laterals 3 to 8 inches in diameter, and can cover 30 feet per minute. Electrical variances — where electricity (and water) is flowing through cracks, leaks or defects in non-metallic pipes and associated distance measurements are transmitted to a smartphone application (included) to display and record defect locations and relative size. The probe includes 200 feet of 1/4-inch fiberglass pushrod. An optional printer and the ES-Air Push Rod are also available. 800/975-6149; www.electroscan.com.


Versatile transitional liner

The Transition Liner from Easy Liner is an elastic, knitted inversion liner that handles lining through 4- to 6-inch pipe transitions and also works on straight runs of 4-, 5- and 6-inch pipe. The liner negotiates 90-degree bends with minimal wrinkling and maintains a thickness of 3.5-mm when expanded to 6 inches. It is ambient-cured with a 90-minute cure time and works with most epoxy, polyester and silicate resins. 888/639-7717; www.easy-liner.com.


Single conductor camera

The TrakSTARII from RS Technical Services is a microprocessor-controlled single conductor camera that is half the size of the TrakSTAR and is designed to fit on the TranSTARII steerable tractor. Other features include 40:1 zoom, pan and tilt, auto iris and focus, adjustable lighting and internal condition sensors. 800/767-1974; www.rstechserv.com.


Double-duty nozzles

The Rotodrill nozzle from Enz USA features a rotating front jet for improved cutting performance and efficient cleaning. It combines the flushing capability of a standard nozzle and the penetrating and cutting capabilities of a hydroexcavation nozzle in one unit. It is available in 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch systems. 877/369-8721; www.enzusainc.com.


Main trunk condition assessment

The HD Profiler system from RedZone Robotics is a laser/sonar/video assessment system deployable up to 10,000 feet in pipes ranging in size from 30 to 118 inches. Additional features include integrated corrosion/debris measurement, V-360 virtual pan/tilt/zoom, and 3D pipeline modeling. 412/476-8980; www.redzone.com.


Lightweight debris grabber

The Puma Grabber from Southland Tool Mfg. is a lightweight tool with a three-pronged grabbing head used for removal of debris and heavy objects from manholes. Made of aluminum, it is available in 6-, 12- and 18-foot lengths, and the 18-foot length can also be used in 6- and 12-foot configurations. 714/632-8198; www.southlandtool.com.


Controlled-speed nozzle

The new Rotor nozzle from USB-Sewer Equipment Corporation uses magnets around the shaft to control speeds. The nozzle utilizes Advanced Optimized 3D HydroMechanics, with two jets that serve as drivers and two as brakes. It has double-sealed bearings, requires no lubrication and is well suited for removing grease and scaling. It is available in sizes for 6- to 24-inch sewer lines. 770/984-8880; www.usbsec.com.


Versatile pump controller

EMS PRO and EMS PRO Lite pump controllers from FW Murphy meet the varying needs of industrial, engine-driven equipment applications. The EMS PRO all-in-one controller is made for use across multiple engine lines. It features numerous start/stop and throttling options via the back-lit operator interface mounted behind a lockable door. 918/317-4100; www.fwmurphy.com.


Updated manhole adjustment system

The PRO-RING manhole adjustment system from Cretex Specialty Products is made of expanded polypropylene and comes in a new, larger size of 40-inch O.D. by 31-inch I.D. Featuring an improvement to the interlocking system, this product has an adhesive trench in lieu of the previous tongue-and-groove design. 800/345- 3764; www.cretexseals.com.


Manhole infiltration prevention

The Internal Uni-Band manhole grade adjustment sealing method from Sealing Systems Inc. has a polyisoprene rubber foam backing to ensure a watertight seal over the irregular surface of the structure and 16-gauge stainless steel bands at the top and bottom with turnbuckles to allow for precise adjustment to create a secure fit. 800/478-2054; www.ssisealingsystems.com.


Bigger UV light

The LQ-30 from Reline America Inc. is a new model of UV fiberglass and resin curing light train for pipes from 24 to 48 inches in diameter. The legs are extendable to properly guide the light train down pipes of various sizes. 866/998-0808; www.relineamerica.com.


New partnership

Sekisui SPR Americas has partnered with Innovative Sewer Technologies (I.S.T.) to distribute their line of Lateral Technology Systems. 866/627-7772; www.sekisui-spr.com.


New low-profile plunger pump

The HPL 120-30 low-profile, reciprocating plunger pump from Myers Pentair Water is designed for mobile sewer jetting applications. The pump delivers up to 120 gpm at a maximum discharge pressure of 3,000 psi. Features include side-gear reduction, open cradle, independent and removable stuffing boxes, spin-on oil filter and pressurized power end lubrication. 419/289-1144; www.myersaplex.com/hpl120.


New trailer drain jetter

The EJT series of economy drain jetters from Cam Spray feature a 28 hp Honda engine with flows and pressures at 7 gpm at 4,000 psi or 11.5 gpm at 2,700 psi. Models include a manual reel with 250 feet of 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch hose for jetting 6- to 10-inch lines. Features include an industrial three-plunger pump with stainless valves and ceramic plungers, power pulse valve, air purge and recirculation for freeze protection, a 5-gallon fuel tank, heavy-duty trailer, 2-inch ball hitch and 150-gallon water tank with auto-shutoff. 800/648-5011; www.camspray.com.


Versatile truck jetter for municipal work

The Dyna-Jet 6520 truck jet from Dyna-Vac Equipment features a 65-gpm, 2,000-psi truck-mounted PTO-drive jetting system with a 600-foot hose reel designed to serve the municipal sector for use on larger sewer lines, culverts and storm drains. The swivel reel provides easy access on both sides of the truck and to line up with manholes, and stows inside the insulated, heated box on the back of the truck to prevent freezing in cold weather. 888/298-8668; www.dynavacequipment.com.


Built to handle tough jobs

The XtremeFlow (model HJ2TA1736) twin-engine, twin-reel hot-water jetter from Hot Jet USA (Power Line Industries Inc.) delivers up to 17 gpm at 3,600 psi of hot or cold water. Features include twin 35 hp Vanguard gasoline engines and pump units and two onboard hose reels: one with 300 feet of 3/8-inch Piranha hose and one with 300 feet of 1/2-inch Piranha hose (rated to 150 degrees) and standard 1/2- and 3/8-inch nozzles. The jetters are mounted on a 5-foot by 12-foot trailer. 800/213-3272; www.hotjetusa.com.


High-pressure jetter

The 6,000 psi Platform Series high-pressure jetting unit from US Jetting for sewer and drain cleaning applications features a seven-position swivel hose reel, jump jet pulsation system and 325-gallon HDPE water tank. The 6018 run dry pump allows for outputs of 6,000, 5,000 or 4,000 psi at 18 gpm. 800/538-8464; www.usjetting.com.


I&I control for less

The Pure Fused calcium aluminate mortar from Madewell Products Corp. is a stand-alone mortar with a high compression strength of 10,000 psi. The product was developed to control I&I issues where an epoxy topcoat for protection from hydrogen sulfide is not required. 800/741-8199; www.madewell.net.


Remote vehicle fishes cords

The Hound from C-Tec is a watertight remote control vehicle that fishes cords through 8-inch-diameter and larger pipe. It is housed in a heavy-duty stainless steel body, features an all-wheel drive asymmetrical traction system, and can cover 200 feet per minute. 866/993-0366; www.ctec world.com.


Skids will not scratch

Epoxy-coated skids from MAX-LIFE Mfg. are designed for use in relined pipes and will not cut or scratch the new liner. Skids are coated with Scotchkote, a fusion-bonded epoxy coating. It has been tested and found to have negligible wear on relined pipe, according to the manufacturer. 888/873-6295; www.flexmax.com.


New hydroexcavator display panel

The MC Advanced Series hydroexcavator from GapVax Inc. features a monitoring system that enables the operator to observe and troubleshoot from a single display (one inside and one outside the cab) as well as control hydraulics, blower and water pump operations with a complement of gauges. 814/535-6766; www.gapvax.com.


Concentrated bacteria delivery

The DrainCobra Biological System from Chemsearch – Ecoflow automatically transforms three grams of Free-Flow pellets into 100 billion live bacteria in a water-filled and oxygen-rich vessel. It releases a dose of live bacteria to the drain system every two hours, and flushes completely once per day. 800/527-9919; www.chemsearch.com.


No-dig lateral repair

Mainline and lateral point repair systems from Infrastructure Repair Systems Inc. are available with push or pull lateral carrier and four weight options. The lateral repair system can navigate 90-degree turns. The no-dig, ambient-cure system can repair 4- to 36-inch-diameter pipe up to 15 feet in length. 877/327-4216; www.irsi.net.


Portable jetter

The M30E MaxBlast electric jetter from MyTana Mfg. Company is a mainline jetter for 1 1/2- to 6-inch lines with 4 1/2 gpm at 3,000 psi. The jetter features a 25-foot heavy-duty power cord, 200 feet of 3/8-inch jetter hose, 75 feet of 1/8-inch hose, three stainless steel nozzles, a wand and wand nozzles. 800/328-8170; www.mytana.com.


Versatile milling robot

The Power Cutter 200 from Innovative Sewer Technologies (I.S.T.) features a high-resolution front CCD camera with 200-degree swivel range, no external supply lines, a remote maintenance module and a zero position (reset) for all movable axes. 858/997-0004; www.ist-web.com.


Foaming FOG eliminator

The Bio-Septic F.O.G. liquid biocatalyst from Municipal Sales Inc. stimulates biological activity in sewage systems to increase the metabolic and reproductive rate of naturally occurring bacteria. It is applied using a foam generator to coat the entire surface of structures. 518/747-2044; www.municipalsales.net.


Complete pipe plug kit

The multi-size pneumatic blocking and bypass pipe plugs from Savatech Corp. are manufactured with high-quality special rubber compound reinforced with Kevlar cord. They are resistant to wear- and age-related degradation, while providing strength and function in all defined conditions. The plugs are well designed for stopping and bypassing in pipe from 3/4 inch to 6 inches. The kit also includes extension hoses, a hand pump, a gauge and a safety manual. 386/760-0706; www.savatech.com.


Continuous cure temperature monitoring

The VeriCure system from Pipeline Renewal Technologies monitors cure temperature continuously along the entire length of a CIPP liner during installation. Readings are taken every inch and averaged into 18-inch zones, represented by real-time and historical data software tailored to CIPP professionals. The unobtrusive 3-mm probe preserves the flow of the liner. 866/936-8476; www.pipelinert.com.


Waterproof locator

The ML-3 magnetic locator from SubSurface Instruments is fully waterproof (readings can be heard under water) with internally mounted controls for one-hand keypad control. Available in 40- (short) and 55-inch (long) models, the locator is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and has an LCD meter with bar graph that expands according to signal strength and a “+” or “-” that illuminates above the graph to indicate polarity. 920/347-1788; www.ssilocators.com.


No-dig point repair

The QuickLock no-dig point repair system from Rausch Electronics USA features a V4A stainless steel liner and EPDM rubber compression seal that works in water and sewer lines. Two lock-and-gear mechanisms on either end of the sleeve lock into place when maximum compression pressure is reached. The entirely mechanical system needs no cure time and allows continuous flow during installation. 877/728-7241; www.rauschtv-usa.com.


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