High-Dump Provides Safe, Clear View

High-Dump Provides Safe, Clear View
The Vacall AllJetVac high-dump option for combination sewer cleaners from Gradall Industries

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The Vacall AllJetVac high-dump option for combination sewer cleaners from Gradall Industries enables the operator to raise the debris tank 76 inches above ground level and shift the tank horizontally 21 inches beyond the rear bumper for spill-free off-loading into a 5-foot-high roll-off or dewatering container. An optional slanting splash shield extending from the debris tank further reduces the chance of spills. The dump system also eliminates the need for drive-up ramps.

With a straight-line range of approximately 1,500 feet, a 12-button wireless remote lets the operator control the height of the debris body, distance back, tailgate and dumping process.

“The reason we did that was so the operator at all times can be at the back of the truck, out of the way, and dump his truck safely,” says Bill Petrole, vice president of Vacall Products. An emergency stop provides added safety. “Most of your roll-offs are 60 inches, but we go up to 76,” he says. “And as it goes up, it also shifts back. So what we’re able to do is put the dumping point or opening of the debris body well within the container.”

Integrated into the system is a feature that prevents the truck from being moved when the debris body is raised. “The parking brake has to be set and the body has to be all the way down,” he says. “For safety concerns, we didn’t want anyone pulling away with the body up and hitting something overhead.

The biggest thing is so the operator can see what’s happening. These things get to be pretty tall structures, so the operator can safely stay away from it and watch what it’s doing. If it should start leaning or the load’s not shifting, he just stops and puts it back down.”

Petrole says the lift system originally was designed for a customer who had a long-term job to remove debris from an island off the California coast. “There was no dumping facility and everything was brought by barge. They wanted a way to dump into roll-off containers so they could leave the truck working and take the containers back and forth with a roll-off truck.”

Designed to lift 45,000 pounds, the high-dump option is available on new model Vacall combination units and hydroexcavators. It is not available as a retrofit. 800/382-8302; www.vacallindustries.com.


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