Celebrate the Water and Wastewater Industry

Once a year we all come together to learn, improve and see all the new tools.

The work you do is rarely given the credit it deserves. Your best work is too often buried and forgotten by the people you serve. But every February, the water and wastewater industry, and all of you who help ensure the health and safety of your communities, are celebrated.

More than any other, the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show in Indianapolis is the event that brings the whole industry together and highlights the great work you’re doing. It’s an opportunity to speak with and learn from your peers, and to get direct feedback from people facing the same challenges.

It’s also an opportunity for me to get some feedback on the magazine and what we can do to serve you better. I always appreciate hearing your thoughts about what we’re doing — right and wrong — and how we can do it better.

This will be my sixth trip to Indy. The first time I was fresh to MSW and was just taking it all in. In the subsequent years, as I’ve grown to know and understand the industry better, I’ve been able to get more out of the show. The more I learn, the more interesting it becomes.

This year will be a little different. COLE Publishing’s role with the show has changed. As most of you know, the show is in new hands, but MSW and the other COLE publications will still be well represented.

In years past, I was responsible for the daily program and much of my time was consumed with getting that off to press each day. For me personally, the good news is I won’t be on a daily deadline this year. Instead, I’ll be focused on seeing what’s new and talking to more of you.

I can remember how impressed I was with the size and scope of the show floor on my first trip to Indy, but at this point I realize it’s not the trucks and equipment that make it so impressive. It’s the people. I’m looking forward to talking to as many of you as possible, getting your feedback, listening to the issues you’re facing, and hearing your stories.

Of course, I’m excited to check out all the new tools, trucks and equipment, too, but it’s really your stories I’m interested in.

We won’t be right up front running it all like in years past, but we’ll be available throughout the show in the COLE Publishing booth (#2371) out on the exhibit floor. Our editorial staff will be on site, ready to answer your questions, and more importantly, hear your stories.

I hope you had a chance to check out the WWETT Product Preview in the January issue of MSW. It’s a good look at some of the new tools and equipment you can expect to see on the floor. The level of technology and innovation is remarkable.

I also hope you’re gearing up for Indy and are excited to take in everything the show has to offer. I’m looking forward to it and I hope to see you there.

Have a great time at the show, and enjoy this month’s issue.


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