Designed to Work in the Worst Places

Pearpoint focuses on advanced systems for infrastructure inspection and maintenance.

Designed to Work in the Worst Places

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It can be a challenge to find the right pipeline inspection equipment for your operation.

If you’re looking for a system with a wide range of features and capabilities, Pearpoint might have your answer. Its fully modular range of inspection systems are designed to work in the most treacherous terrain of storm and sewer infrastructure as well as deliver condition assessment in pipelines from 1 1/4 up to 60 inches in diameter.

George Milkowski has been with CUES for 10 years, currently serving as director of the Portable Products Group for the Americas (Pearpoint and CUES are both brands under SPX Corporation). With 20 years of hands-on experience in entrepreneurial and leadership roles including strategic planning, business development and product management, Milkowski’s role now includes sales, marketing strategy, communication and business development.

MSW spoke recently with Milkowski about Pearpoint’s history, its development of high-quality inspection systems, and the company’s dedication to supporting its customers in working to improve and maintain the nation’s infrastructure.

MSW: Tell us a little about the history  of Pearpoint.

Milkowski: Our history spans over 30 years in the municipal, industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical and residential pipeline inspection markets. We currently have our headquarters and manufacturing located in Orlando, Florida, with over 70,000 square feet of dedicated production capacity and over 400 employees worldwide to serve and support customers. Additional facilities include Bristol, England, with stocking warehouses and service personnel in California, Georgia, Wisconsin, Oregon, New Jersey and Toronto, Canada. 

MSW: What differentiates your pipeline inspection systems from the competition?

Milkowski: The new and advanced Pearpoint flexiprobe P540c system stands out by integrating all of the most sought-after features, including survey reporting, video titling, digital recording and portability, in an easy to use and intuitive package. 

The controller features a high-definition 10.1-inch TFT display, intuitive user interface, and onboard Wi-Fi that allows you to share your reports via email or Dropbox. The 128 GB internal memory allows for more than two months’ video recording in typical usage. The ruggedized, IP55 rated controller with built-in rechargeable battery provides reliability and usability in the most challenging environments.

The Pearpoint flexiprobe P540c series push systems consists of the P541 plumber reels, P541 mini reel, P542 reel and the P543 reel system with two different cameras to choose from, rated for withstanding water pressure of approximately 160 psi or over 300 feet underwater. Each system serves unique applications, but the line covers a majority of inspection needs within the sewer industry today, from 1 1/2-inch pipe up to 16-inch pipe. 

MSW: What’s the philosophy behind development  and innovation at Pearpoint?

Milkowski: Our focus on serving and supporting our worldwide customers started decades ago and continues today. This relentless pursuit to provide our customers with the most advanced pipeline inspection systems on the market delivers value for our customers daily. Our customers in the municipal, industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical and residential pipeline inspection markets have trusted Pearpoint to deliver best-in-class products for over 30 years.

MSW: Tell us about the inspection cameras and what applications they best serve.

Milkowski: We offer a fully modular range to meet all of our customers’ applications. Systems have been designed to work in the most treacherous terrain of storm and sewer infrastructure, delivering condition assessment capabilities from 1 1/4- up to 60-inch pipelines.

MSW: What are some recommendations for customers shopping for pipeline inspection equipment?

Milkowski: We encourage customers shopping for pipeline inspection equipment to reach out to companies and request a field demonstration. We feel we have the best team in the industry to demonstrate the equipment, and customers always leave impressed by the extensive list of standard features and the value the equipment provides to allow them to do their work better and more efficiently. 

MSW: What type of post-sale support or training do you offer your customers?

Milkowski: We understand that our customers work on the front lines supporting our critical infrastructure needs throughout the world. When equipment goes down, our team is here to help make sure they get back up and running as soon as possible. With one of the largest service and repair teams in the industry backed by an unmatched parts inventory, we able to deliver with shorter lead times, which means less downtime for you.

MSW: How has pipeline inspection advanced? How do you see the industry evolving?

Milkowski: The critical nature of water and wastewater infrastructure and the growing environmental awareness of infrastructure management have created an industry with rapidly changing needs. This constantly and quickly evolving industry creates a dynamic environment requiring acute awareness of critical needs. We at Pearpoint have the focus and determination to find those solutions for our customers’ needs in a rapidly evolving environment.

MS W: What’s new for Pearpoint in 2022?  What can customers expect out of Pearpoint in the future?

Milkowski: As we continue to focus on our customers’ needs, we remain dedicated today and into the future to ensuring our systems provide the deliverables for the needs of the rapidly changing infrastructure market. We have the most advanced condition assessment reporting to give our customers the competitive edge. Data transportability is the key to successful condition assessment and damage prevention programs.

MSW: What do you want your customers to think of when they hear the name Pearpoint?

Milkowski: Customer service. Customer service is our top priority. With the most dedicated sales and support teams in the industry, we will be there to support you through the life of your product — no matter what. 


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