Save Money on Pipe Cleaning With Acoustic Inspection

One way to focus your collections resources and avoid cleaning pipes that are already clean is to use the Sewer Line Rapid-Assessment Tool by InfoSense.

More than 250 utilities worldwide are using InfoSense’s award-winning acoustic technology as the first step in their workflow to screen 6- to 8-inch gravity-fed sewers for blockages. Results from over 100 million feet of screening show that 65 to 90 percent of pipes in the average utility don’t need to be cleaned, according to InfoSense representatives.

This allows SL-RAT users to prioritize cleaning resources to areas that need it most. With the capability to assess 10,000 to 20,000 feet per day at one-tenth or 1/20th the cost of cleaning or CCTV, acoustic inspection can be a great preliminary screening tool that generates substantial cost savings. The highly portable SL-RAT requires no flow contact and is GPS enabled. 

InfoSense Inc. is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is the sole manufacturer of the SL-RAT. Contact the company to schedule a free demo. 

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