Mainline TV Camera Systems - EasyCam E5150

The mid-size E5150 sewer inspection camera from EasyCAM comes with a color camera head and a 512 Hz transmitter with 150 feet of heavy-duty pushrod nestled in a powder-coated aluminum frame. It is 22 inches around and 11 inches high, ideal for confined space and roof work. The unit has a standard 7-inch recordable monitor with sun shield, offering the choice of video or simple photo saved on a standard SD card. Voice-over and image inversion are standard. The monitor is held in place by a 360-degree swivel bracket for personalized viewing angles and can be removed from the bracket for any viewing angle. It has cordless, safe 12-volt operation and is designed with plug-and-play components that allow for easy repairs. 239/260-2056;


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