Flow Control/Monitoring Equipment - Telog Instruments RTU

The RTU from Telog Instruments can easily be connected to existing flowmeters, and supports multiple sensor interface options, including RS-232, RS-485, analog and digital inputs. For example, when connected to an open-channel flowmeter via RS-232 or RS-485, the RTU can interrogate the meter for its most recent level, flow velocity and battery voltage measurements. Alternatively, FloWav PSA-AV area-velocity flow sensors connect directly to the RTU for monitoring open-channel flow. Optional sensors are available that may be directly attached to the RTU, including ultrasonic and pressure level, water-quality sondes, temperature, level switches and a rain gauge. RTUs are battery powered, wireless, and built to withstand harsh sewer environments so they can be located virtually anywhere there is a flowmeter or A/V sensor for flow. 585/742-3000; www.telog.com.


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