GeoKrete from Quadex is a factory-blended, fiber-reinforced material enhanced with a monocrystalline quartz aggregate that provides corrosion-resistant protection in high hydrogen sulfide environments, increases structural integrity, and stops the infiltration of groundwater in deteriorated structures. The reaction mechanism in GeoKrete is polymerization that does not create heat (which contributes to cracking), and yields superior strength and chemical resistance. Once applied, it quickly forms into an inorganic polymer structure for high resistance to acids, low porosity and great surface durability. Quick cure rates shorten bypass time and allow flows to be re-established quickly. It is used for vertical and overhead repairs to metal, concrete or masonry sewer structures such as manholes, wet wells and pipes where microbiologically induced corrosion is a problem. It is applied by low-pressure spraying or spin-cast application. 501/758-8628;


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