Manhole Liners - LMK Technologies CIPMH

The CIPMH (cured-in-place manhole) solution from LMK Technologies is a one-piece, resin-saturated liner designed to reduce inflow and infiltration and renew structural defects in a variety of manhole configurations and sizes, including barrel sections, as well as eccentric and concentric cones constructed of brick and mortar, precast, or cinderblock. This one-size-fits-most, reinforced and stretchable liner is engineered to resist traffic loading and freeze-thaw cycles while creating a corrosion-resistant lining. Available for chimney or full-depth manhole rehabilitation projects, the ASTM F3033-compliant, vacuum-impregnated liner is pressed against the existing manhole by a pressurized bladder until the thermoset resins have cured ambiently, typically within two hours. 815-433-1275;


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