Mainline TV Camera Systems - General Pipe Cleaners/General Wire Spring Gen-Eye X-POD

The Gen-Eye X-POD from General Pipe Cleaners/General Wire Spring offers a command module with a USB port to record on a flash drive. The lightweight unit combines camera, reel and monitor into a compact package. It comes with a 7-inch LCD color monitor, one-touch recording, digital zoom, voice-over recording, date and time stamp, and a flash drive capacity indicator. It includes a 3-foot probe rod with color camera for inspecting hard-to-reach places. The full-size unit includes a self-leveling color camera and 200 feet of Gel-Rod for inspecting 3- to 10-inch drainlines. The compact Mini-Reel carries 100 or 200 feet of Gel-Rod with mini color self-leveling camera for troubleshooting 2- and 3-inch lines. The rugged steel frames and reels include a drag brake and reel lock. The full-size reel has 10-inch wheels. 800-245-6200;


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