Epoxies - Neopoxy International NPR-5305 One-Step Kits

The single package, 1.5- or 3-gallon NPR-5305 One-Step Kits from Neopoxy International makes epoxy protective lining an easy, one-step mixing process. Both components are in a single container that allows the applicator to simply mix the product with a mixing blade until a nice, smooth color is evident. The product can then be moved to a vertical or horizontal surface to be lined, and smoothed with a plastic spatula. It doesn’t require expensive spray equipment, is environmentally safe, requires no measuring and is easy to use. The 3-gallon kit covers 35 square feet at 125 mils. It can be used to fill and protect cracks, joints, and exposed aggregates and also perform CIPP repair, CIPP end seal, and manhole and pipe lining. 510-782-1290; www.neopoxy.us.


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