Inside the June 2008 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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SEWER - Can’t Beat Homemade
Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority takes the initiative to create its own GIS as a valuable aid to system service and maintenance
Underground Heroes
Here’s a chance to give a little credit to some people who never get it and may not want or need it — but most certainly deserve it
A Kansas city and county make life easier for public employees, residents and businesses by making GIS data available online
Newport News builds a digital model of its stormwater and sanitary systems for improved inventory, maintenance, and hydraulic modeling
On the Beam
Laser profiling is gaining recognition in North America as a valuable tool for measuring newly installed pipes and sewers scheduled for rehabilitation
Over the Airwaves
A data collection and reporting system based on cell phones aids system management and capital planning for the City of Pearland, Texas
Ring of Light
The CoolVision laser profiling system from Aries Industries achieves high accuracy with a proprietary optical system and 3D modeling software
Working Jointly
2008 Grout Boot Camp brings competitors together in an effort to help industry members learn
Sharing Perspectives
An engineering department in California took strong measures to increase staff diversity. It soon paid off in fresh ideas with practical applications.