Inside the September 2009 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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SEWER: From Mains to Manholes
A comprehensive cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation program helps a small Michigan community control severe I&I problems
SEWER: The Right Battles
The historic City of Alexandria, Va., effectively uses outside resources with a “manageable chunks” approach to reduce I&I and rehabilitate aging infrastructure
Turn of the Screw
A British Columbia city staff member devises a new method for adjusting manhole frames to match street elevations
SEWER: Zero Backups
The Cottonwood Improvement District’s inspection and maintenance program gets wastewater out of residents’ basements and earns wide recognition
Bringing Matters to a Head
The time must come soon for a serious debate on government spending, taxation and exactly the kind of society we wish to have and leave to our kids
The Hole Solution
Manhole accessories include protective devices, magnetic and lever lid-lifting systems, and inflow-prevention seals
Stimulating Life
A commitment to continuous learning is a critical element of a successful career in the trenchless technology industry
Making it Digital
FlexOps data collection system lets communities record inspection, cleaning and other field data on dedicated PDAs instead of paper forms or cards
Fizzlers or Sizzlers?
Your department needs as many employees as possible who are passionate, mentally engaged, and able to drive positive results
Compact Inspection System Provides High Flexibility
Camera inspection control system from Cobra Technologies