Product News: April 2020

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Product News: April 2020

ClearSpan Structures HD I-beam building
The new HD I-beam building from ClearSpan Structures is a combination of the sturdy I-beam frame and strong armor shield cover. One of ClearSpan’s most versatile buildings, the HD I-beam can be built to any size and customized to live up to any industry’s standards. The building is constructed using the I-beam frame, and the framing and purlins are all crafted from galvanized steel to ensure a long life and superior stability. The I-beam frame also features a 4-to-12 ratio pitched roof with a 12-foot nominal eave height and 10-foot clearance at the eave, ensuring easy and seamless movement in and around the building. 866-643-1010;

Flomatic Valves Model Cycle Gard pressure pump control valve
The Model Cycle Gard IV CB152SST from Flomatic Valves is a stainless steel direct-acting constant-pressure pump control valve with tappings. The body is equipped with 1-inch NPT-size female inlet threads and 1-inch NPT union end female outlet connection. The valve’s standard pressure range is 15 to 75 psi with an optional 15 to 150 psi range. The valve body maximum pressure rating is 400 psi. All of the valve’s internal parts are corrosion resistant with a stainless steel spring and fasteners for long service life. It maintains a preset operating pressure and reduces rapid pump cycling, and is proven protection for wells and booster pumps. 800-833-2040;

Best Purging Systems Model YZ102 purge unit
Best Purging Systems Model YZ102 is a Type Y or Z purge unit designed to protect electrical equipment in Class I hazardous areas. When connected to a supply of protective gas, and utilized in conjunction with a Model PV-2 spark arresting purge vent, the Model YZ102 will supply, regulate and monitor the protective gas supply to a protected electrical enclosure and accomplish purging of the protected enclosure in an expedited manner. The maximum enclosure volume is 15 cubic feet and the unit has three mounting options: universal, vertical and horizontal. The unit has an operating temperature range of minus 20 to 120 degrees F. 844-787-4348;

Vactor Ramjet truck-mounted water jetter
The new version of Vactor’s Ramjet features IntuiTouch technology that delivers improved operating ease, quick accessibility to key information and greater control on jobs. IntuiTouch in-cab controls provide PTO activation at the touch of a button. And outside, operators can use the IntuiTouch ergonomic control station that features a simple, up/down adjusting control panel for all cleaning system functions. It also offers improved water plumbing, allowing for greater storage options. Other features, including the Jet Rodder water pump and Park-N-Clean technology come standard. The Ramjet also includes a cold-weather package that separates wet and dry items and a rear hose reel with optional integral aluminum shroud for optimal performance in cooler environments. 800-627-3171;


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