WinCan Validator Helps Turn Imported Data Into Standards-Certified Data

Being able to identify noncompliant data saves wastewater professionals time and money

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WinCan Validator Helps Turn Imported Data Into Standards-Certified Data

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Coding standards help wastewater professionals keep data organized, communicate more effectively, and ensure regulatory compliance. By providing a standard method of identification and classification, standards like those detailed in NASSCO’s Pipeline Assessment Certification Program provide common ground for municipalities and contractors who may otherwise inspect and code to internal standards rather than those of the region they are in. 

WinCan VX is a NASSCO-certified software, which means it’s designed with tools that help you adhere to PACP, MACP and LACP, as well as other global standards like WRc and ISYBAU. WinCan meets the compliance needs of over 33 countries, and it does so with a toolset that is easy to incorporate into any workflow.

Getting to know WinCan Validator

WinCan Validator is a unique tool that allows inspection crews to assess the quality of compliance not only for a given section or observation, but for a whole project file. Because it’s directly linked to the data fields in WinCan, the Validator gives you the ability to pinpoint specific fields within imported data that are not compliant with your chosen standard. This saves you time and energy you might spend on more in-depth quality checks, and it allows for direct access to noncompliant data via indicators that highlight the fields with issues, allowing you to fix them quickly and efficiently. 

For example, if you’ve imported your data from an inspection software without NASSCO certification, there is a chance your data may not be fully compliant with PACP. WinCan Validator will tell you exactly which inspections are noncompliant, and you’ll have the ability to jump directly to that line of data to address the issue. 

WinCan Validator can be found under the Tool tab, but you can also add it to your window layout via the Views tab. Within the Validation Results, you’ll be able to “Change View” to filter results based on section or error type. And while the Validator will always use the default standard originally installed with the software, you are also able to switch between different, more advanced rulesets, if you’ve installed them.

Scrub imported data with Search & Replace

In addition to the Validator, the Search & Replace tool is another avenue to consider when making sure imported data is standards compliant. Tucked under the Tools tab in WinCan VX, this tool allows you to enter the fields and current values you’d like to change, as well as the replacement values you’d like to populate. You can also toggle the “Replace Always'' button to keep the change in place for future projects. From there, simply select “Replace” and all of your changes will take place at once. The Search & Replace tool gives you the freedom to mass edit data, fixing consistent errors or noncompliant coding with ease. This can be helpful in cleaning your imported data before running the Validator, or as a tool to clean up errors found in the Validation Results. 

Staying compliant with NASSCO, WRc, and other inspection standards helps wastewater professionals communicate and collaborate more effectively about the conditions and repair needs of sewer assets. WinCan’s NASSCO certification ensures you always have the tools you need to comply with your local standards, no matter where your projects take you. 

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