WinCan Web Introduces Enterprise-Tier Solution

Innovative work order management and mapping capabilities give municipalities insights on sewer work and crew progress

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WinCan Web Introduces Enterprise-Tier Solution

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WinCan now offers enterprise mapping and inspection management capabilities for WinCan Web, its cloud-based sewer inspection software. WinCan Web is used by pros around the world to support office and field teams in condition assessment and asset management workflows.

Now, WinCan Web’s enterprise features support enhanced work order management within WinCan’s secure cloud ecosystem. Equipped with a detailed dashboard for fast, click-of-a-button metrics, WinCan Web’s enterprise solution enables teams to edit, review, approve and track work orders directly from the cloud. These work orders bring together project files, section data and inspections, and with in-depth mapping capabilities built directly into WinCan Web, enterprise users can monitor work orders citywide, allowing for faster identification of maintenance trends. They can gain insights on an entire system as a whole and then drill down into the details of specific lines and inspections. WinCan Web enables municipalities and contractors to conduct essential overwatch of sewer system health, and it fits right into any WinCan workflow.

High-level dashboard insights

Office teams have a wide range of tasks to complete, metrics to evaluate and inspections to review. WinCan Web’s enterprise dashboard gives users a high-level view of work order progress, sewer health, inspection results and a variety of other tools to help them streamline workflows and bolster overall efficiency. 

The dashboard map can zoom into areas of a sewer system to determine what needs attention or report on inspected distance by date to uphold team accountability. Additionally, a dedicated system dashboard gives citywide condition metrics summarizing observation grades and section scores, breaking down each into structural and operational.

Fast, effective inspections manager

Enterprise solutions in WinCan Web consolidate work order data to help users quickly determine what work has been completed, what is in progress and what still needs to be started. Simply import projects directly from WinCan VX or drag and drop a stand-alone project file into the inspection manager. Office staff can follow progress on individual work orders, and completed work can be reviewed and approved with the click of a button.

Productivity-boosting map visualizations

With two map views, WinCan Web users can choose between job management and sewer system overview, allowing for a more flexible and intentional approach to condition assessment and project visualization. The job management view allows users to jump directly to the sections and work orders that are actively being worked on, giving office teams the freedom to check inspection details and active job sites at any time. The sewer system map lets users watch over citywide sewer health, providing insight into maintenance and defect trends. 

WinCan Web’s enterprise feature set is a plug-and-play addition to any WinCan Web license, and when paired with Flex features, users are able to access all the editing and project creation capabilities they need. Schedule a free demo to learn how WinCan Web can support your sewer inspection team:

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