Lightweight, Compact and Rugged Steerable CCTV Camera Transporter

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Lightweight, Compact and Rugged Steerable CCTV Camera Transporter

The Compact Pipe Ranger (CPR) is a lightweight, compact and rugged steerable CCTV camera transporter that’s used to inspect sanitary and storm sewers. It is made to traverse long distances and tough pipe conditions and to facilitate ease of handling during insertion and retrieval. The CPR is designed to inspect 6-inch relined pipe through 30-inch-diameter pipe and includes full proportional steering to traverse meandering pipe and 45- and 90-degree turns.

When assembled with the CUES OZ III zoom pan-and-tilt camera, the compact length enables the unit to negotiate most difficult entry conditions and standard sweeps. The superior pulling power of the CPR, combined with the optics and directional lighting of the compact OZ III camera (with the ability to rotate in a 4-inch circle), creates video inspection quality that’s unsurpassed in the industry.

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