Manhole-to-Manhole Trenchless Lining Made Easy

Check out the Perma-Main Continuous Lining Top Gun from Perma-Liner Industries. Manhole-to-manhole trenchless lining has never been easier. With this system, there is less disruption, less cleanup and less cost.

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Perma-Main Continuous Lining Top Gun allows for manhole-to-manhole trenchless lining. Created for municipal main line sanitary sewers, Perma-Main uses the most advanced cured-in-place pipe lining technology to rehabilitate pipes.

Leaking and corroding main lines can lead to ground surface damage, flooding and pollution. Relining with the Perma-Main system prevents digging, which is very expensive and causes environmental damage and long-term traffic disruptions. With this system, there is less disruption, less cleanup and less cost.

The Continuous Lining Top Gun can invert 700-plus feet in one setup — one foot of liner per 1.5 seconds. The non-woven, needle punched felt Perma-Main liner is stitched and tape seamed. The 3- to 45-millimeter liners can be PP or PU coated and are available for 6- to 24-inch pipe diameters.

Perma-Liner supplies dry and pre-impregnated liners for this system. The unique design allows for quick install and cure times using rapid steam cure. The Perma-Main Continuous Lining Top Gun system makes main lining quick and easy with high-performance equipment, producing consistent results. Many municipalities nationwide have implemented this user-friendly system for all their pipeline rehabilitation needs.

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