Pneumatic Plug Safety

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Collections system workers are injured or killed almost every year using pneumatic plugs. This entertaining, yet informative video highlights the dangers associated with the use of pneumatic plugs. This video is not intended to be an absolute instructional video. It is only designed to make the viewer aware that if the pneumatic plug is not used correctly, it could result in injury or death.

M.A. "Rusty" Nezat II, sewer cleaning specialist, has been involved in the sewer cleaning industry for 30-plus years. He is the director of Nezat Training and Consulting and is in charge of operations for Jigawon. Nezat has completed extensive evaluation and testing of sewer cleaning nozzles and methodology associated with cleaning procedures. He has assisted cities with the development and implementation of mandated consent decree training programs. He holds four U.S. patents for large-diameter sewer cleaning systems; has developed numerous video training programs; and provides evaluations, classroom training and field training to organizations throughout the U.S. In the process, he has trained hundreds of sewer cleaning operators with the goal of reducing equipment downtime, increasing daily production rates and improving safety awareness. Nezat lives near Houston with his wife and three children. 

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