Defining Pressure Rating Standards for Flanged Valves

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Defining Pressure Rating Standards for Flanged Valves

In any industry, one of the most challenging tasks is often keeping up-to-date and compliant with a complicated and changing set of performance standards. In an ideal world, performance standards serve a vital purpose by guiding employees and end users to the most efficient application of their equipment. Unfortunately, good intentions can often turn into overzealousness, creating a situation in which performance standards create as many problems as they solve. To make matters worse, many industries feature multiple agencies and advocacy groups that publish competing sets of standards, making it even more difficult to understand and employ their suggestions. An ideal set of performance standards should be unambiguous and easy to interpret, leading industry stakeholders to proper decision-making.

In water works service, pressure rating standards are used to define the acceptable use of flanged valves. However, because of the multiple sets of variables involved in the use of flanges, including material of construction and temperature, pressure rating standards can be complicated and difficult to interpret. Compounding the issue is the fact that workers in the water service industry must contend with standards issued by multiple organizations, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, whose work has been accredited by the American National Standards Institute, and the American Water Works Association. If you are already confused, you are not alone; the complex and often contradictory standards issued by these two organizations, in addition to manufacturer literature that can muddy the waters further, can lead to misunderstandings or improper application.

The white paper available for download here serves to clearly identify and define the ASME/ANSI and AWWA standards germane to the use of flanged valves. 

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