Product News - March 2010

Featured products of March

General Offers Gen-Eye POD, Mini-POD Inspection Systems

The Gen-Eye POD and Mini-POD video inspection systems from General Pipe Cleaners combine camera, reel and monitor in one package. Both units have a 5.6-inch LCD monitor protected by a padded case. The full-size Gen-Eye POD has a self-leveling camera and 200 feet of Gel-Rod for 3- to 10-inch drain lines. The Mini-POD carries 125 feet or 175 feet of pushrod and camera small enough for 2- and 4-inch lines. A video-out connection enables the user to record on an external device. 800/245-6200;; Expo booth 3147.

Weidmuller Introduces Wireless Manhole Monitoring

The wireless manhole monitoring system from Weidmuller is designed to monitor underground sewer levels to prevent sewage overflow. Installed in the manhole, the system sends signals through the ground and steel manhole covers to receivers located in control cabinets. Signals can be transmitted via wireless or wired connection to a programmable logic controller or SCADA system. The portable unit is powered by six AA-sized batteries and features a small external antenna. It can send both analog and discrete signals, enabling both water levels and high-low set point to be monitored. Components include a wireless transmitter and battery pack. Downloadable software permits transmission signal mapping and control of the transmit schedules. 800/849-9343;

American Highway Products Offers Manhole Safety Ramp

The Manhole Safety Ramp from American Highway Products Ltd. is designed to fit over raised manholes or manhole risers during road construction projects. Made of 100 percent recycled rubber, the ramp is available in 10-, 26-, 28- and 31-inch I.D. sizes. Providing a smooth transition from the original surface to the manhole lid, the ramp protects vehicles, equipment and the manhole. 888/272-2397;

RIDGID Introduces SeeSnake Digital Adaptor

The SeeSnake digital adaptor for the microExplorer inspection camera from RIDGID enables users to digitally connect to existing SeeSnake camera inspection systems. The adaptor can be used on any video-out enabled monitor, including SeeSnake VHS or DVD monitors. 800/769-7743;; Expo booth 7115.

Greyline Introduces Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The Portaflow PT500 Transit Time flowmeter from Greyline Instruments Inc. is designed for clean liquids, oils and most chemicals. Made for troubleshooting, spot checks and balancing flow, the meters feature strap-on sensors that mount on the outside of plastic or metal pipes. Ultrasonic signals are injected through the pipe between the two sensors. The meter works on any pipe diameter from 0.51 to 78 inches. The meter includes a backlit graphics display, 4-20 mA output, data-logger, RS232 and USB outputs, Quick Start calibration menu and the ability to store calibration for up to 20 different sites. The meter operates 16 hours on internal battery and recharges overnight. 888/473-9546;

Sprayroq Offers Bio-Based Coating

Bio-based Green SG#1 corrosion coating for wastewater collection and treatment systems from Sprayroq Inc. is an elasto-meric, spray-applied polyurethane with 70 percent “B” content bio-based material. The product has been accepted for inclusion in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred program. It is NSF61 certified and approved for use in a potable water environment. 205/957-0020;; Expo booth 6035.

Under Pressure Introduces Road Stripe Removal Tool

The Road Stripe Removal Tool from Under Pressure Systems Inc. has 10 jet spray bars with vacuum recovery port and hydraulic-driven gear box. The 11-inch canister features a free-floating swivel design with three 6- by 2-inch caster wheels, a maximum pressure rating of 60,000 psi at 7 gpm and a maximum operating rate of 4,500 rpm. Custom spray bar designs are available. 330/602-4466;

UEMSI Introduces ProCam DVR Inspection System

The compact ProCam DVR inspection system from U-Tech Environmental Manufacturing Supply Inc. uses an SD card to record data and has a built-in hard drive with USB port. The system, weighing less than 20 pounds, has a 10.4-inch LCD color monitor and DVR player/recorder in a heavy-duty case. It operates on both 110 VAC and 12 VDC, with two rechargeable battery packs available. The system includes multi-conductor video push cable and CM-1 color camera head measuring 1.4 inches in diameter and 2 inches long. The self-leveling

Pro Eye color camera is available. 800/666-0766;; Expo booth 8145.

Cobra Technologies Introduces FastView Zoom Camera

The Cobra FastView telescopic zoom camera from Cobra Technologies is a portable, rugged, lightweight, easy-to-use video inspection system ideal for quick evaluation and inspection of manholes, pipes, and areas where human entry is impractical or impossible. Quickly and safely evaluate access point conditions and surrounding areas. Designed for single-user operation, the FastView functions as a stand-alone unit or with any CCTV system. Videos and images are easily transferred to the office for your database or GIS system. Features include Cobra lighting system with Luxeon lights, 432:1 zoom for detailed viewing at hundreds of feet away, pole mounted, extendable to 24 feet, up to 38 feet optional. 800/443-3761;; Expo booth 7057.

MWH Soft Releases Version 10.5 of InfoWorks, InfoNet, FloodWorks

Version 10.5 of InfoWorks, InfoNet and FloodWorks is available from MWH Soft. InfoWorks CS enables engineers and planners to produce hydraulic modeling of a complete urban collection system network, including trunk sewers and complex pipe connections and ancillary structures, while InfoWorks SD enables users to model stormwater flows through a complex environment with a diversity of underground and overland structures. InfoNet is a purpose-built asset and data management system for water distribution, wastewater collection, and stormwater networks. FloodWorks focuses on real-time simulation and forecasting of future hydrological and hydraulic conditions in stormwater and drainage systems. 626/568-6868;

Max-Life Designs Vac-Trap Debris Catcher

The Vac-Trap debris catcher from Max-Life Manufacturing Corp. connects to the end of a vacuum suction tube and rests at the bottom of the manhole. The trap fills with debris as water flows downstream. Once full, the debris can be vacuumed up. 888/873-6295;; Expo booth 22.

BW Technologies Offers Quattro Gas Monitor

The GasAlertQuattro gas monitor from BW Technologies by Honeywell and distributed by Milwaukee Rubber Products Inc. features IntelliFlash, a green LED that continuously flashes to let safety managers know their crew is safe. Other features include a durable exterior with reinforced bumpers and integral concussion-proof boot. 800/325-3730;; Expo booths 3209, 6147.


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