Combination Trailer Allows Simultaneous Jetting and Vacuuming

JVLT combination trailer from Hi-Vac Corp./O’Brien Manufacturing

The JVLT combination trailer from Hi-Vac Corp./O’Brien Manufacturing increases sewer-cleaning productivity with all-hydraulic controls and simultaneous jetter/vacuum capability.

“This next-generation unit is all hydraulically operated now, from the boom rotation to the hose articulator to the door locks,” says Ehrin Amrine, sales coordinator. “It’s more user friendly, which increases productivity. Remote-control operation makes it a lot quicker than walking back and forth to the machine.”

The unit carries a 500-gallon debris tank with a 45-degree dump angle and a top-opening rear door for safety and ease of access. Thepositive-displacement blower runs at 800 cfm and produces vacuum up to 15 inches Hg. The waterjetter operates at 3,500 psi/18 gpm. The blower and jetter can be operated independently or together.

“You can actually vacuum out debris as you’re jetting,” Amrine says. “By the time you’re finished jetting, you’re finished with the job. Over the course of a year, that’s a significant productivity increase.”

The unit, 22 feet long and 96 inches wide, has stainless steel water tanks with a total of 325 gallons capacity and a 2 1/2-inch water fill hook-up. It comes with 400 feet of 1/2-inch jetting hose. “That allows contractors and municipalities to do smaller jobs that they normally couldn’t do with a vacuum truck,” Amrine says.

A 75 hp water-cooled diesel engine runs the blower and the water pump, which means half as much maintenance as a unit with an independent engine for each. This also saves on fuel consumption. The boom, operated with pendant control, offers 360-degree rotation, and the hydraulic reel articulates 180 degrees.

Safety features include automatic high-temperature, low-oil and low-water shutdowns. The gross vehicle weight of the dual-axle trailer is 12,000 pounds. For information: 800/638-1901 or


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