Mainline Offers Adapt-a-Valve Lateral Inspection Chamber

Adapt-a-Valve Inspection Chamber from Mainline Backflow Products
Mainline Offers Adapt-a-Valve  Lateral Inspection Chamber

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The Adapt-a-Valve Inspection Chamber from Mainline Backflow Products can be used as an inspection chamber, as an extendable backwater valve to protect properties against municipal backsurges, or to pressure-test or isolate sewer laterals using the isolation gate. The body of the inspection chamber has a molded slot designed to accept the optional backwater valve gate or test/isolation gate.

Generally installed at the property line to service sewers and lateral connections, the chamber provides a full view to the bottom of the fitting. In the case of flushing issues or sewer backups, the chamber enables city crews to see the source of the problem without entering the home. “If the chamber is dry, the problem is between the chamber and building,” says Gabe Coscarella, company president. “If there’s water in the chamber, the blockage is on the city side. It’s a way of establishing where the blockage is and who might be liable.”

The chamber has an 8-inch riser and directional arrow embossed inside the fitting that can be used for color-coding to make sure there are no cross-connections between storm sewer and sanitary laterals. The larger riser enables crews to use equipment such as jetters or vacuum hoses to clean or flush lines.

The optional removable and re-insertable test/isolation gate attaches to a 3/4-inch pipe that extends up the riser. The gate protects building owners against backups or lets the city shut off service in the case of non-payment. Crews can use the gate to shut off sewers so nothing flows from the building while work is being done, or to isolate laterals when flushing manholes so as not to blow sewage back into the building.

“Basically, it’s like a mini manhole, unlike a standard 4-inch property line cleanout that doesn’t provide access for cities or protection for property owners,” Coscarella says. The inspection chamber connects by way of a gasket to sewer and SDR35 pipe and is constructed to SDR26 specifications. Access to the chamber is provided by an airtight lid that can be color-coded to distinguish sanitary and storm lines, and can be locked to limit access. 877/734-8691;


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