RCB safely cuts and bevels pipe in one pass

Rapid Cut & Bevel machine (RCB) from Reed Manufacturing Co.
RCB safely cuts and bevels pipe in one pass

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The Rapid Cut & Bevel machine (RCB) from Reed Manufacturing Co. can cut and bevel up to 24-inch-diameter, and 1 1/2-inch-thick PVC or PE pipe in one pass.

“The machine has the ability to cut and bevel at the same time,” says Marnie Caldwell, manager, Marketing Services, for Reed Manufacturing. “You mount the machine onto the pipe, then using a handle and pneumatic power, draw the machine around the pipe for the cut.”

The RCB machine, which can be viewed at http://videos.reedmfgco.com/rapidcutbevel, includes motor, chains, connecting frame, wrenches and air line oil. An auxiliary compressor rated at 60 cfm and 90 psi, hoses with compatible fittings, and filter-regulator-lubricator (FRL) are required to run the cutter. The RCB takes approximately one minute per pipe diameter inch for setup, cut and bevel. The pneumatic-powered machines are portable and designed for use aboveground, in water or in trenches.

“Rapid Cut & Bevel is safer than a chop saw because the operator has better control over the cut and the blade is covered by a guard,” Caldwell says. “Plus, Rapid Cut does not bind as it travels through the pipe. The disadvantage of a chop saw is blade speeds approach 14,000 sfm and there’s no control when cutting in a ditch. The operator has to reach under the pipe and extend the saw, while avoiding water and inhaling fumes. Bonded abrasive blades on chop saws also can fragment.”

Available in two models, the RCB412 (26 pounds) can cut and bevel 4- through 12-inch nominal pipe, while the RCB624 (29.5 pounds) can cut 6- through 24-inch pipe. The RCB412 can be converted to cut up to 24-inch pipe using the optional kit that contains additional chain, connecting frame, turnbuckle assembly, four small rollers, two release pins and two hooks.

Caldwell says the RCB is an evolution of Reed’s longtime Universal Pipe Cutter. Known as the UPC, it’s used by the water industry for cutting larger pipe.

“There was a request from customers for a safe way to cut PE and PVC and bevel at the same time and not have to come back and use something else. (Typically PE pipe does not need to be beveled.) There are other ways to cut and bevel, but this is a way to do it all in one pass, so it should save time. And it should save money because you only need one piece of equipment.”

Maintenance includes oiling the motor after each day’s use and covering the air port when the unit is not in use. Release pins, chain links, mainframe screw, roller pins and turnbuckle assembly require occasional lubrication with a lightweight oil. 800/666-3691; www.reedmfgco.com.


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