Vac-Con combination unit includes CUES inspection camera

Vac-Con combination unit includes CUES inspection camera

The upgraded Inspector Cam camera system from Vac-Con Inc. features a CUES camera that can be mounted on any Vac-Con combination sewer cleaner for inspecting pipes before cleaning.

The camera system mounts to the hose reel and is propelled by the high-pressure water system on the machine, similar to a standard cleaning nozzle. The camera system can be retrofitted on all Vac-Con combination machines to identify obstructions or other cleaning problems, such as broken pipes, protruding laterals, off-grade pipes, offset joints, leaking joints, recessed taps, cracked pipes, corrosion, grease buildup, root infiltration, collapsed pipes, cleanouts, drain lines, service lateral vent stacks, floor drains, waterlines, internal plumbing systems and utility ducts.

"The most attractive part of the camera system is it offers a smaller inspection system at a very reasonable price," says Tom Jody, marketing manager for Vac-Con. "It allows an operator to perform some line inspections without having to bring out the camera truck and crew. I'd like to stress that it's not meant to take the place of or compete with the inspection camera systems that are on the market. It's designed to be a low-cost tool. It's kind of the little camera that can."

The camera system features a high-definition LCD color monitor (6.5 inches high by 8.5 inches wide) with sun shield, mounted on a pivot-style assembly that enables the operator to adjust to different applications. Powered by 12-volt DC or 110-volt AC, the system has a self-leveling camera head with 2.5 mm lens, 100-degree angle, preset aperture of F1.8 and high-impact sapphire window. The camera is housed in heavy-duty aluminum and factory sealed. Lighting is provided by a high-brightness, white 21-LED cluster that provides a 160-degree angle of illumination with variable settings for lighting up to 18-inch lines. Camera skids for 6-, 8- and 10-inch pipes are standard (12-inch skids available).

Other features include 600-foot video cable reel, flash board drive digital video recorder (DVR) with scan disc reader, folding keyboard and on-screen digital footage. Options include manually operated push cable reel assembly with 150 feet of cable for remote operation. The camera system can be viewed in action at 888/491-5762;


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