Product Spotlight - October 2019

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A water blaster is a big investment for any contractor. That’s why finding one that offers versatility is key. The Jetstream of Houston TwinForce   dual-pump water blast system ­­is designed for high-flow applications including industrial cleaning, surface preparation and hydrodemolition, but it can also be used in low-flow situations.

“The Jetstream TwinForce is a powerhouse solution functioning as a large-capacity 650 hp unit or as two 325 hp independently run units,” says Ronnie Felts, product manager at Jetstream. “The versatility of our system provides the contractor with the ability to bring two units into the space of one for virtually any application.”

The TwinForce unit is built around the versatile UNx fluid end water blast system. With the interchangeable UNx fluid end design, operating pressures from 8,000 to 40,000 psi and flow from 11.9 to 125.4 gpm can be changed in minutes. Because the fluid end offers flexibility in the field, it reduces downtime and maintenance while maintaining superior performance.

A dual-pressure control station offers full instrumentation at the technician’s fingertips, with two separate control panels in one convenient location. The unit also includes dual 200 gpm stainless steel water filters on each pump (four total per unit), and its dual fuel tanks help reduce dry weight while resisting corrosion and enabling longer runs between refueling. Heavy-duty bearings spaced widely apart and oil-bath lubrication differentiate its spread bearing PTO from the typical pilot bearing model. This design offers reliable power transmission and reduced maintenance time, as daily greasing is eliminated in favor of regular oil changes. An optional hydro-throttle control can be used to save fuel and wear on the John Deere Tier 4 engine while enabling manual throttle override to maintain set engine speed. Its Powerband belt drive includes dual five belt bands offering high torque-carrying capabilities. The durable unit includes a ductile iron power frame and a high-strength crankshaft. It offers unobstructed access to both fluid ends for performing pressure conversions or routine maintenance. Its open power unit keeps the engine cooler and provides easy access for maintenance.

In addition, personal training through the Jetstream RightStart program is also available with the purchase of a TwinForce system, Felts says. “The classroom and hands-on instruction provided by our RightStart technicians will educate operators on the safe, proper and efficient use of their new equipment.” 800-231-8192;


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