Product Spotlight - July 2020

Product Spotlight - July 2020

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Prepping pipe for rehabilitation, reinstatement or general maintenance can be a time-consuming task without the right equipment. Often the pipes that need to be cleaned are in tight areas that are hard to access with the correct equipment. EPL Solutions designed the SpeedCut high-speed chain cutter to be a compact, lightweight machine that can reach tight spots while retaining plenty of power for tough jobs.

“It is more compact than comparable products,” says Kaylee Bartucciotto, associate operations manager for EPL Solutions. “It’s narrow enough to fit through standard doorways, and it’s light enough to be maneuvered and operated by one person.”

The idea was to create a chain cutter that would save operators time and money on the job site by focusing on ease of use and one-person operation.

Additional features include an anti-flip SpeedShaft cable designed specifically for drain cleaning, descaling and prepping 2- to 6-inch-diameter pipe for trenchless coating and lining. With its compact design, EPL Solutions uses a clutchless motor that allows the cable to rotate at higher speeds than many other available chain cutters.

“The SpeedShaft cable was tested in this application for three years with a variety of motors,” Bartucciotto says. “After testing several motors, we customized a DC motor that is twice the speed and twice the strength.”

The SpeedCut only requires an 110-volt, 15-amp outlet for power, so a separate generator is not needed for jobs where electricity is available. The DC motor provides high torque and up to 3,200 rpms at less than 15 amps. It has been tested to run through harsh conditions, and it features variable-speed controls so operators can match the right speed for the job at hand.

EPL Solutions also focused on ease of use during the design process, with multiple components of the SpeedCut directed toward operator efficiency: A built-in, hassle-free oiling system means less time is spent on maintenance while a snap-on SpeedConnector can be crimped by hand without any special tools or set screws. It’s compatible with other brand attachments, so operators can quickly make changes in the field.

“It is versatile for pipe sizes and also diverse in application,” Bartucciotto says. “We’ve heard it’s easy to handle and hassle free.”

Other feedback from operators using the product has been positive, with one person saying that a descaling job was finished in a fraction of the time with this machine versus a comparable product. 714-453-9760;


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