The need for quick-curing technology is paramount for CIPP projects, and that’s where Pipeline Renewal Technologies’ SpeedyLight+ comes in. The SpeedyLight+ is an LED-based UV solution for CIPP that cures at speeds ranging from 0.66 to 3.3 fpm.

Because it’s compatible with felt (as well as invertible glass fiber), SpeedyLight+ can cure 90-degree bends in lines as small as 4 inches, as well as other challenging geometries like transitions and verticals.

Odor-free UV technology

Free of styrene and amines — and the associated odor — UV-based cure technologies like SpeedyLight+ raise fewer objections from the public and your crew. LED UV curing is less disruptive to communities because it requires a smaller footprint when performing trenchless repairs, with no large trailers or trucks blocking roadways. In addition, the process requires little time and is energy efficient.

The single-part vinyl ester resin requires no mixing and eliminates shelf life and working time challenges. Any extra resin can be saved for future use.

SpeedyLight+ uses LED lamps to cure, drawing half the power of traditional UV technology without sacrificing intensity. Meanwhile, the SpeedyLight+ camera head is able to show operators what’s happening underground every step of the way, giving them the ability to control the speed and accuracy of the curing process. The highly portable design allows for access from even the most remote sites, curing up to 328 feet of liner in pipes ranging from 4 to 12 inches.

Pipeline Renewal Technologies is an Envirosight company focused exclusively on the pipeline rehabilitation market. The company delivers innovative technology for no-dig structural lateral renovation, drain and mainline cutting, durable point repair, video drain flushing, and process management. 866-936-8476 | 


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