Pump - Dynablast Pratissoli Pumps KT28ASPF

The Pratissoli Pumps KT28ASPF high-pressure water pump, distributed by Dynablast, is ideal for hydroexcavating. It offers 18.4 gpm, 2,900 psi, 1,450 rpm and a 35 hp power end. It is available with a T13 female spline shaft and SAE two-/four-bolt flange for direct mounting to the hydraulic motor. Reducing the pump speed to lower water flow for hydrovac use can result in increased pump life and reduced water bypass. It has a self-lubricating design, with no oiler kit or weekly oiling required. The manifold is made from nickel-coated spherical cast iron for protection from cavitation. Its symmetrical aluminum crankcase makes it easy to reverse shaft the pump, and internal fins provide cooling to lower oil temperature. It has tapered roller bearing for improved lateral loading. Two bore ceramic plungers provide thicker ceramic on the water end to prevent from thermal shock. 905-867-4642; www.dynablast.ca.


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