Inside the December 2009 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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WATER/SEWER: Mapping Success
GIS and mapping technology help the City of Long Beach chart a course for effective water system maintenance, capital improvement, and community outreach
Down the Tube
The Panoramo SI 3D optical manhole scanner brings a “virtual reality” experience to the routine task of inspecting manholes and other vertical cavities
System Helps Prevent Manhole Cover Thefts and Illegal Dumping
Manhole security system from SewerLock
SEWER: Training, Technology, Teamwork
The City of Santa Barbara creates an exemplary sewer maintenance program by putting the latest tools in the hands of an empowered and highly capable staff
STORM: Getting Aggressive
Athens-Clarke County Stormwater makes inroads against pollution by building public support for innovative water-quality and flood-control features
Clean as a Whistle
Pipe bursting with prechlorinated HDPE pipe replaces 27,110 feet of water mains in Big Spring, Texas, with minimal disruption to property or businesses
Worth Celebrating
30th Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International adds a new-product display, interactive floor plan, and Women in the Industry seminar to its proven mix of exhibits and education
A Cure for (Institutional)Memory Loss
Technology isn’t a substitute for the knowledge of experienced people, but it can help raise everyone’s performance and offset some effects of a wave of retirements
Don’t Pick on Ed Seals of Approval
NASSCO certification programs are key components of QA/QC programs that ensure proper performance in pipeline rehabilitation projects
Leap Forward
The Vactor 2100Plus combination truck brings current technology and operator-friendly design to pipe cleaning and hydroexcavation
Earn Loyalty for Life
Here is how you can protect your personal leadership brand by avoiding five behaviors that can damage you in the eyes of your team members
Integrated System Provides Complete Pipe Condition Data
FLYEYE pipeline inspection system from CUES Inc.
Industry News - December 2009
Study Confirms 100-year Life Expectancy for PE Pipe; Mr. Manhole Chosen to Replace 1,033 Chimneys