Inside the March 2010 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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Battle of the Blockage
Armed with a targeted preventive maintenance plan, the Cedar Rapids Sewer Maintenance Division campaigns against sanitary sewer backups
Devouring Trouble
Centrifugal chopper pumps in a major lift station put an end to frequent plugging that drove up costs and threatened SSOs
Inspection By Robot
The Solo robotic inspection system from RedZone Robotics helps communities achieve substantial increases in productivity in the field phase of studies
Clean Water on TAPP
The City of Tallahassee combines innovative facilities with public education to help keep area lakes clear of runoff pollution
Simple Things Done Right
Marietta Water has earned repeated First Place awards for excellence in quality and service, using ordinary tactics, executed with great finesse
It Works Both Ways
There is greater recognition today of something water utilities have always known: Saving water saves energy. And by the way, saving energy also saves water.
Stop PACP Abuse
The industry should have no tolerance for contractors who represent their people as PACP certified when they are not
Getting Past the Fear
Here are 10 tips that can help managers conduct effective interviews and zero in on the candidate best suited for the job
Truck-mounted Digging System Operates Continuously
Hydro Excavator Separator (HES) from Non Stop Hydro Excavating
Industry News - March 2010
Illinois American Water Plant Receives LEED Certification
Product News - March 2010
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