Inspect Sewers Fast With Quickview airHD

Get the 411 on Quickview airHD’s patented Quad-Haloptic light technology

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Inspect Sewers Fast With Quickview airHD

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When you need to inspect your collections system rapidly, Quickview airHD is there for you. Quickview’s patented Quad-Haloptic technology enables it to illuminate up to 400 feet of pipe, giving you a better look at your collections system. But what is it that makes these haloptic lights so powerful?

Take a deep dive into Haloptic technology

Located around the backside of Quickview’s camera are four pairs of reflectors and lamps. These reflector/lamp pairs encircle the camera with light, creating a “halo” effect around it. The reflectors, known as parabolic reflectors, are uniquely shaped to reflect beams of light that maintain their intensity over long distances. This intensity is essential for maintaining Quickview’s long view range.

When light from the corresponding lamps is aimed at the parabolic reflectors, the reflectors collect that light and then project it forward in a collimated beam. Collimated beams are made up of many parallel rays of light that can keep up their strength over a specific distance. Many car headlights utilize this same technique to enable drivers to see in difficult driving conditions.

Quickview’s reflector/lamp pairs enable inspection pros to see hundreds of feet into pipe, much farther than everyday lighting. With the Haloptic lights’ powerful illumination capabilities, you can quickly identify pipe defects and problem areas.

Powerful 360X zoom (30X optical + 12X digital) gives you clear shots of everything you can illuminate, and a low lux imager enhances visuals when the lights reach their limits.

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