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Coxreels Introduces Multi-Position Guide Arm

The Side Mount Series of reels from Coxreels feature a multi-position guide arm for maximum hose control. The outfitted guide arm and roller assembly can be moved six different positions with a standard 1/2-inch wrench. The side mount reels, made for low-, medium- and high-pressure use, can handle 50 feet of 1/4-, 3/8- and 1/2-inch hose I.D. as well as 75 feet of 1/4-inch twin-line oxy-acetylene or T-grade welding hose. 800/269-7335;, Expo booth 3057.

ADS Offers Hykron Leak Listening System

The Hykron Leak Listening System from ADS LLC provides high acoustic sensitivity for checking leak noises at water fittings, hydrants and valves. The entry-level system includes handheld electronic sensor, amplifier with belt attachment, extension rods, magnet attachment, high-quality headphones and carrying case. 800/633-7246;

RapidView Introduces Rear-Viewing Camera Connector

The RETRUS rear-viewing camera connector from RapidView IBAK North America connects between the cable and the tractor on IBAK mainline pipeline inspection systems. The unit features LED lighting and full-color image quality for a clear view behind the inspection crawler during retrieval. 800/656-4225;, Expo booth 2130.

RIDGID Introduces Inspection System with Locator

The SeeSnake microDrain D65S inspection camera system with Scout locator from RIDGID is designed for precise inspection of lines up to 3 inches in diameter. The unit can navigate 1.5-inch pressurized lines and make 90-degree turns typical in pool piping. The inspection system has a 65-foot flexible cable and 22-mm-diameter camera head. A locatable sonde enables users to pinpoint problems with the locator. The unit stands 17.5 inches tall, 6.6 inches wide and weighs 9.8 pounds. 800/769-7743;, Expo booth 7115.

Greyline Introduces DLT 2.0 Level Controller

The DLT 2.0 controller from Greyline can measure both differential level at a bar screen and open channel flow through a flume. The unit features two non-contacting ultrasonic sensors. One sensor is installed upstream from the bar screen and a second downstream for differential level control. It also can be installed in a flume to control and transmit differential level control plus flow. The unit includes relays for bar screen rake and level control as well as three 4-20 mA outputs (upstream level, differential level, downstream level or flow). The backlit LCD displays level, differential level, flow and total flow. Intrinsically safe sensors and data logger are available. 315/788-9500;

Envirosight Introduces ClipStream Viewer, Recorder

The ClipStream digital viewer and recorder from Envirosight LLC clamps to the pole of a QuickView zoom survey camera, displaying real-time manhole- and pipe-inspection video. The unit features a monitor with wide viewing angle and tilt mount, enabling the user to see footage even when the camera is deeply extended or used overhead. The monitor also unlocks for up to 32 feet of wireless viewing. The viewer/recorder captures up to 16 GB (approximately 12 hours) of AVI video and JPEG still images to a micro SD card. Footage can be viewed directly on the system’s 3.6-inch color LCD or transferred to a computer or smart phone by ejecting the card or tethering via USB. The unit runs on four AA batteries or connects to a power source using the optional AC adapter. 866/936-8476;, Expo booth 1130.

HEMCO Offers Emergency Decontamination Shower

The Emergency Shower Decontamination Booth from HEMCO Corp. is designed to immediately drench personnel who have been exposed to hazardous chemicals. Made in compliance with ANSI and OSHA requirements, the unit is equipped with a pull-rod activated shower and push-handle eye/face wash for quick rinsing of eyes, face and body. The optional audio and visual alarm notifies other personnel of an injured worker. The booth has a lipped front edge to contain water and a drain to connect to plumbing. The showers are fully assembled. Accessories include grab bars and handheld body wash. 800/779-4362;

EonCoat Introduces No-VOC Ceramic Coating

EonCoat inorganic ceramic coating from EonCoat LLC provides fire, abrasion, chemical, temperature and corrosion resistance in a single coat without VOCs, HAPs or odor. The coating can resist temperatures up to 1,000 degrees F and has a flame-spread rating of zero. It requires no primer and dries within seconds for high-build coatings. 252/360-3110;

Wohler Introduces VIS 340 Series Inspection Camera

The VIS 340 Series inspection system from Wohler USA features digital memory and 180-degree pan and 360-degree tilt camera. The waterproof camera with LED head measures 1 1/2 inches, while its 100-foot flexible cable enables it to navigate 90-degree bends. Images are viewed on the widescreen TFT monitor, which comes in a heavy-duty carrying case. The system has a digital distance measuring capability of 0.05-foot resolution. A built-in RCA video output and integrated SD card are standard. The unit’s NiMH battery pack offers up to 90 minutes of continuous viewing. 978/750-9876;, Expo booth 4042.

Hathorn Introduces Laptop Interface

The Magnum Interface from Hathorn Corp. enables users to connect their own laptop directly to the cable reel via a USB port. The system includes an aluminum platform with onscreen footage counter, external keyboard plug and analog-to-digital video converter built in to the reel. The mid-size cable reel comes with 200 feet of 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod and stainless steel self-leveling camera head. A 200-foot 3/8-inch-diameter pushrod and color mini camera are available, as well as downloadable recording software. 905/886-2835;, Expo booth 7096.

Grundfos Unveils Submersible Pumps

SLV and SL1 model submersible wastewater pumps from Grundfos are designed for network pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants. The pumps are engineered to handle municipal or industrial wastewater, wastewater with fibers, drainage and groundwater, process and cooling water. The SL pumps have a SuperVortex impeller (SLV) for free passage of solids up to 4 inches in diameter and Channel impeller (SL1) for large flows of raw sewage. Features include Eff1-type motor, moisture-proof plug, short rotor shaft, double mechanical shaft seal and easy-to-open clamp. 913/227-3400;


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